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December 13, 2010

College Senate
Meeting Minutes
December 13, 2010

Meeting called to order by Presider, Julee Miller at 4:15 pm

Quorum established at 4:17 p.m.

Senators Present:  S. Babcock, J. Backus-Foster, L. Goodwin Burwood, S. Carlson, M. DeFreece, S. Dixon, D. Dougherty, T. Hamblin, K. Ogborn, S. Poe, S. Shoemaker, S. Swayze, J. Tessier, A. Thompson, K. Zuber

Excused: K. MacLeod (proxy held by M. DeFreece) and M. Wake (proxy held by J. Miller)

Guest: J. Nader

Provost Nader

The minutes from November 22, 2010 meeting--motion to approve: J. Tessier; seconded: A. Thompson; approved

Curriculum Committee

Bylaws state that the Chair of the Curriculum Committee needs to report to the Senate; will look into to see if appropriate to send representative.

Motion:  J. Tessier
Seconded: L. Burwood

Discussion on the restriction of GE courses to specific programs, master schedule and preferential scheduling

CC10-10 December 7 Liberal Arts & Sciences The proposal to change the prefix of SOCI 300 Death and Dying to ALHT 304 Death and Dying, delte the SOC attributes and deactivate SOCI 300 was approved with changing the prerequisites to UNIV 300; ALHT 202, or MATH 115, or equivalent math course, ENGL 100 or 200; PYSC 100 or permission of instructor
Motion: J. Tessier
Seconded: J. Backus-Foster
Opposed: M. DeFreece
Abstain: S. Babcock
CC10-11 December 7 Liberal Arts & Sciences The proposal to teach ANTH 300 Survey of World cultures in online format was approved.
Motion: J. Backus-Foster
Seconded: D. Dougherty
CC10-12 December 7 Business & Hospitality The proposal to replace the required course HOSP 205 Hospitality Management with a new course HOSP 105 Introduction to Hospitality in all Hospitality AAS and BBA degrees was approved.
Motion to table indefinitely because SUNY Delhi still requires more than 7 GE areas to be covered; no critical thinking; does not fall into current college GE policy; T. Hamblin
Seconded: S. Dixon
Motion to table approved
CC10-13 December 7 Business & Hospitality The proposal for a new degree BBA Information Systems Audition was approved.
Motion: T. Hamblin
Seconded: S. Babcock
CC10-14 December 7 Business & Hospitality The proposal to change the required courses for the Accounting degree was approved.


Voting link online in Delhi Today; encourage those in your functional areas to vote.


(Proposal to changes--highlighted text to be added; strikethrough text to be deleted)


The College Senate will be the official agency through which the College faculty and professional staff engage in the governance of the college. The College Senate will make recommendations to the President of SUNY Delhi College concerning effective policies and other matters within the college.

The language in the bylaws follows the definitions adhered to in the Policies of the Board of Trustees, page 1 and page 2. "Academic staff is the staff comprised of those persons having academic rank or qualified academic rank. "Professional staff is all persons occupying positions designated by the Chancellor as being in the unclassified service. For the purpose of maintaining a true spirit of shared governance with the College administration; the elected members of the College Senate, both Academic and Professional, shall not hold employment positions on campus where their duties place them amongst the administrative decision-makers on campus.


The name of this organization shall be the College Senate.


A session of the College Senate will run for two years, convening anew every second September.


The College Senate will meet not less than once a month during the academic year and at other times as determined by the College Senate Executive Committee.


Procedure at meetings of the College Senate will be governed by the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, except as otherwise provided by these bylaws.


Section 1. Composition The College Senate will consist of Thirty two senators with voting privileges.

A. One (1) senator will have statutory appointment: the University Faculty Senator.

B. Thirty-one (31) would be members under the following conditions:

Based on the current organizational chart, the membership would be comprised of one (1) elected representative from each of the 4 Divisions, One Librarian, and thirteen (13) representatives elected at large by the full time faculty, and thirteen (13) representatives elected at large by the full time professional staff. All senators must be full time employees of SUNY Delhi College.

C. The College President serves as a non-voting member.

D. Three (3) observers (non-voting) to be elected at large as follows:


1. One (1) will be elected from the classified service employees.

2. One (1) will be elected from the student senate.

3. One (1) will be elected from the part time Professional staff/Part time faculty member

The meeting was adjourned at 5:32 pm

Next meeting February 14th, 2011 at 4:15 pm

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Jared Yando, Presider

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