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College Senate Minutes

College Senate Minutes Nov. 28, 2005

Delhi College of Technology State University of New York


Meeting called to order by Presider Lynn Domina

Quorum established at 4:17 p.m.

Present: Ex Officio:  President Candace Vancko

Senators:  Linnea Burwood, Steve Dixon, Douglas Dune, Robert Fisher, John Horner,  Kim MacLeod, Julee Miller, Leslie Mokay, Kathleen Ogborn, Lori Osterhoudt, Manly Shults, Marsha Stock, John Taylor, Carolyn Tolley, Mary Wake

Guests:  Provost Dennis Callas

The minutes of the September 26, 2005 meeting were approved.  The minutes of the October 24, 2005 minutes were approved as corrected (Pat Heath and Chris Shields attended the retreat to present the Budget and Planning Committee’s report, not Pam Peters)

President’s Report

·        Michele DeFreece has been named Director of The Resnick Learning Center.

·        Tanja deMauro, Grants Coordinator, will now report to the Director of College Advancement.

·        Craig Wesley has been hired as Dean of Enrollment Services.  He will begin his new position in January.

·        Dr. Bret Meckel has been hired to fill the vacancy in Vet Sci.  He will join us in January.

·        The Web Advisory Group is working to update the campus web page with a focus on student recruitment.  Our web page should have a new look by fall semester.

·        The campus did an RFP for a new telephone system.  A new vendor has been selected and implementation may begin during spring semester.

·        We will continue our small group meetings.  In the past groups were brought together by birthdays, the first letter of their last names, by units.  Now each unit will designate a representative to participate in small cross-unit meetings.

·        We have received an additional $750,000 from Congressman Sweeney for the Center of Excellence in Water Quality Management which brings the total to $2 million.  Most of the money is going to construction of the golf course project and to support the water quality testing lab.  Tanja deMauro has been managing the process and application and budgets thus far, but a Project Manager is needed. 

Academic Policies

·        The decision by the Academic Policies Committee not to accept a proposal from the Provost to allow students dismissed for academic reasons to enroll in an off-site internet class originating from SUNY Delhi was brought before the Senate.  There was a great deal of discussion for and against the proposal and the decision by Academic Policies.  As Michael Branigan was unable to attend the meeting, a motion was made to table this issue for further discussion and an opportunity for a representative from Academic Policies to attend a meeting and defend their rationale.  Motion was seconded and passed.

·        The decision by the Academic Policies Committee not to accept a proposal from Dean David Addison to allow AOS to AAS credit transfer was brought before the Senate.  The Academic Policy states that “a maximum of 50% of the credits required for the second degree may be utilized from the first degree completed” (1.392-A).  Further stated in the memo from Academic Policies to Dean Addison, “it is apparent that even if a student who has already received an AOS degree lacks 22 credits for the AAS degree (which does not seem to be the case, usually it is fewer than 22 credits difference) this number falls short of the 50% of new material necessary to obtain a second degree.”  After discussion, a motion was made that in the case of AOS and AAS degrees in the same subject area, that the 50% rule should not be applied.  Motion was seconded and passed with one abstention.

Academic Bill of Rights

The University Faculty Senate unanimously passed a Resolution calling on the SUNY Board of Trustees to reject the “Academic Bill of Rights.”  A motion was made that we support the Resolution as it is written.  Motion was seconded and passed.

NYS College of Ceramics Resolution

John Taylor explained the circumstances surrounding the Resolution by the University Faculty Senate concerning the NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University.  A motion was made that we support the Resolution as it is written.  Motion was seconded and passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 p.m.

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