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Middle States Self-Study: 2011/2012

Throughout the self-study process, the self-study team will do its best to keep the campus community up to date on the progress being made.  To see the self-study process and full documentation, visit the Middle States Page on Confluence (campus login required).

Steering Committee and Co-Chair Rountable Discussion on Working Group Findings: Wed. Jan 12th from 9-12pm in Bush 131

Middle States Self Study Progress Report to the Campus: Wed. Jan 12th from 1-2pm in Bush 131

2011/2012 Documents

Institutional Self-Study Design: April 2010

Working Group Progress Reports

February 2010

March 2010 

April 2010

May 2010

Self-Study Steering Committee Members

Faculty & Students Staff, Administration, CSEA, & College Council
 Dr. Barrett Meckel (co-chair)
 Lori Osterhoudt (co-chair)
  Dr. Terry Hamblin
LouAnn Matthews-Babcock
Dr. Mary Pat Lewis

John Nader (Provost)

Dr. Monica Liddle

Denise Holcomb

 Dr. Akria Odani

Joe Batchelder

 Eric Robert

Carol O'Bierne (College Council)

  Nancy Smith
 Brittany Perkins (student)
Veterinary Science Technology BBA
Jeffrey (Jeff) Stedman


Self-Study Process

Appointed in March 2009 by SUNY Delhi President Dr. Candace S. Vancko, Dr. Terry Hamblin and Angela Rhodes were selected to co-chair SUNY Delhi's Middle States Steering Committee. The objective of the Middle States Steering Committee is to conduct a thorough and comprehensive self-study of the institution and present our findings to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education re-accreditation board some time during the 2011/2012 academic year. The fifteen member steering committee was selected in late April 2009.

The bulk of the comprehensive self-study will be conducted through the various working groups that will encompass representatives from all areas of the SUNY Delhi campus community (faculty, professional staff, classified staff, students, residential life, alumni). A call for volunteers went out for working group volunteers in September 2009. A working group structure was designed by the Steering Committee in November 2009, and a two-day orientation session was held during the January 2010 break. In February 2010, the campus submitted in Institutional Self-Study Design to Middle States, and in April 2010 the campus submitted its revised Institutional Self-Study Design.

Intended Outcomes of the Self-Study


March-June 2009: President Vancko selects co-chairs for the 2011/2012 institutional self-study.  Selection of Steering Committee members. Developed wiki-space on campus-wide wiki (Confluence), self-study materials are read, and considerations for self-study approach models conducted.

September-December 2009: Steering Committee refines and agrees on self-study approach.  Recruitment for working group volunteers. Steering Committee designs working group structures and formulates research questions.

January-June 2010: Working group orientation. Self-Study Design is submitted to Middle States. MSCHE liaison Dr. Klinman visits the campus, discusses Self-Study Design, and makes recommendations.  Revised Self-Study Design is submitted to Middle States.  Working groups conduct campus-wide research.

September-December 2010: Working groups write and submit final reports.  MSCHE liaison Dr. Klinman selects the evaluation team chair, SUNY Delhi approves, finalizes visitation dates, and sends Self-Study Design to the evaluation team chair for review.

January-June 2011: Steering Committee discusses working group reports

June -Sept 2011: Self Study Draft is written

September-December 2011: Steering Committee makes changes to the Self-Study Report based on campus feedback, and presents second draft to campus for feedback.  Campus begins to implement recommendations from Self-Study Report.  After campus feedback, steering committee completes final draft of Self-Study Report and submits to Middle States.  Evaluation team chair, Dr. Russell Hotzler, makes a preliminary visit to the campus.

January-June 2012:   Middle States evaluation team visit, report, and SUNY Delhi response.

Summer-Fall 2012: Middle States action for renewal of accreditation.

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