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Green and White have been SUNY Delhi’s colors for years, and remain strong in the hearts of students, employees, and alumni alike. Delhi Green has suffered some inconsistencies along the way, so a new, darker green has been chosen to move the college forward, while still complementing the greens used in the past. Delhi Green (PMS 350 C) is a dark and bold color. It is excellent for athletic uniforms, banners, signage, the web, and any application where strong contrast is desired. Delhi Gold (PMS 123 C) is a bright and intense color that has been added to the school’s official color palette. It is an excellent complement to Delhi Green and may be used on its own for any application where the intent is to stand out.

Color Palatte


 Pantone®  CMYK  RGB  HTML
Delhi Green  PMS 350C/U  79/0/100/75  13/40/11


Delhi Gold Coated  PMS 123C  0/30/100/0  255/204/0 #FFCC00
Delhi Gold Uncoated  PMS 115U  0/20/100/0  255/204/0 #FFCC00









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