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The athletics logo, the Bronco, may be used only by the Athletics Department, Campus Store or by special permission from the Office of College Advancement. It should not be used in place of, or along side of, the SUNY Delhi logo. The Bronco is a unique symbol for the University’s athletic teams, and as such, should not be used to represent academic or administrative units of the college, nor by individuals employed by the college. Exceptions for athletic-related events must be approved by the Office of College Advancement. The primary athletics logo below is green & gold.

SUNY Delhi Bronco

Athletic System

In addition to the primary athletic logo shown on the previous page, alternate Bronco logos may be reproduced as shown, against green or gold backgrounds (below).

Bronco on Gold background

Bronco on Green background







Bronco Wordmark

The Bronco Wordmark may be used in applications where clarity or size is an issue, or in spaces that require an extreme horizontal format. When used, it should be accompanied by the athletic stripes (below).

Bronco Wordmark with bars


Alternate Bronco

An alternate Bronco (below) has also been developed for use on athletic uniforms and athletic merchandise that does not require the SUNY Delhi name.

Alternate Logo



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