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Marketing Professionals 

Logo files for Marketing Professionals contain all versions of the logo, including Alternates and the Ribbons graphic. These files are in high-res .eps and web-ready .gif formats for use in InDesign, Illustrator, Quark, GoLive, Flash and Dreamweaver. NOTE: the reverse (white) versions of all logos for use by Marketing Professionals have traps included. Vendors should select the reverse logo that is closest in size to their needs, to prohibit extensive re-sizing of the traps (which can make the logo appear too thick or too thin).

The Logos for Marketing Professionals are divided into six folders in one zip archive:

  1. LOGO - This is the OFFICIAL LOGO of the college.
  2. LOGO_Alternative 1 - An alternate logo for use at very small sizes.
  3. LOGO_Alternative 2 - An informal version of the logo that uses the SUNY acronym in front of the Delhi name; used in applications where the SUNY name is already known.
  4. LOGO_Alternative 3 - A display logo for use at large sizes.
  5. LOGO_Wordmark - For use at very small sizes or in extreme horizontal formats.
  6. RIBBONS - A graphic that can be used at large sizes to add visual interest to a background.

Please refer to the SUNY Delhi Graphic Standards Manual for more detailed information on how to use the logos.

(Set of 57 files 9.2MB archive)
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How to download to your hard drive:
Right-click on the link and choose "Save link as" or "Save Target As"; choose a location to save the zip file; when the download is complete the file must be unzipped (de-archived) with a Zip-compression utility such as "WinZip."



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