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Beautification Committee

The Beautification Committee is a dedicated group of faculty and staff, comprised of representatives from academic programs, facilities and campus administration.  The Committee works together to envision, plan and carry out projects to improve the campus' outdoor environment. 

Bob Backus, Birgitta Brophy, George Dolezel, Alfred Dubreuil, Jan Elwell, Kathy Gillooley, Janet Ho, Tom Holdrege, Barbara Kaplan, Dave Loveland, Kimberly MacLeod, Steve McKeegan, Mike Miller, Pamela Peters, Jack Tessier, Lisa Tessier, Julia Ward

Centennial Trees
SUNY Delhi is celebrating 100 years of service to our students, our community and to New York State.  One of many special initiatives to celebrate our history is the Centennial Tree project.  If you are interested in purchasing a centennial tree, please download the Centennial Tree Order Form.



Sanford Hall (before)

Sanford Hall (after)

Bush Hall (before)

Bush Hall (after)

Bush Hall Bus stop

Bush Hall Bus stop close up

Planters at Alumni Hall (behind Signatures)

South Entrance (before)

South Entrance (after)

Turf Center

Turf Center sign

Smoking Gazebos

Pergola, Bus Shelter, Benches

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Emergency Contacts

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P: 607-746-4010
F: 607-746-4157

Work Request Info
P: 607-746-4020
F: 607-746-4157

Last Updated: 2/19/16