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SUNY Delhi students, faculty and staff are involved in a variety of initiatives to help Delhi become greener. See how you can get involved below.

Green Team

Faculty, staff and student sustainability task force.  Please contact Dan Klossner, Chair, if you are interested in getting involved.

Sustainability Across the Curriculum

This page is a starting point for what will (hopefully) develop into an edited book of chapters that describes the efforts that Delhi faculty employ to get our students thinking about doing their jobs and living in a sustainable fashion.  By sustainable we mean that every plan and every decision has to consider the economy (will you stay solvent and even gain money?), society (will people be happy doing this thing?), and the environment (will we protect our ecosystems and not take resources from them faster than the resources can be developed?).

New York Recycles (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation)

America Recycles (United States Environmental Protection Agency)





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