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Internal Control Training
Training is an ongoing component of the College’s Internal Control Program.  The College will provide periodic training on the assessable units and the vulnerability risk assessment documents. Individuals in the assessable areas will be provided with a review of the internal control and vulnerability assessment in their units. A review and explanation as to how to complete the required documents will be provided. All other college personnel are invited to attend. Additional training sessions, if needed, will be provided in specific situations based on an evaluation of the outcome of the assessment document and audit, if performed.  

Every member of the college has a role in the system of internal control.  Internal control is people-dependent. It is developed by people; it guides people; it provides people with a means of accountability; and people carry it out. In short, a successful Internal Control Program requires effort from every member of the college.  SUNY Delhi’s goal is to provide adequate training to help all employees understand the importance of their role in the campus’ system of internal controls, how it operates, and the benefits it provides.




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Joshua Fitch
Internal Control Coordinator
P: 607-746-4585
P: 607-746-4580

Last Updated: 4/22/16