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Campus Committees

Academic Policies - Dr. Lauren Sloane - Chair

Academic Promotion - Birgitta Brophy, Chair

Access and Equity Services Team - Linda Weinberg, Chair

Assessment Committee - Dr. Monica Liddle, John Padovani, Co-chairs

Banner Users Group (BUG) - Cindy Healey, Nancy Hughes, Co-chairs

Beautification Committee - Jan Elwell, Chair

Budget and Planning - Adriene Clifford, Dan Davis, Co-chairs

Campus Design Selection - Dave Loveland, Chair


College Council - Nancy K. Deming, Esq., Chair

College Senate - Jared Yando, Presider

Commencement Committee - Joan Erickson, Chair

Common Hour Programming Committee - John Huber, Lori Osterhoudt, Co-chairs

Continuing and Term Appointment Committee - Steve Dixon, Chair

CSEA Labor/Management Committee - Lynn Berger, Judy Lindsay, Co-chairs

Curriculum Committee - Jessica Backus-Foster, Chair

Customer Service Committee - Jan Elwell, Chair

Emergency Coordinating Council - Perri DeFreece, Thomas Paciello, Co-chairs

Environmental Health & Safety Committee - Thomas Paciello, Chair

General Education Assessment - Dr. Monica Liddle, Chair

Green Team - Dr. Daniel Klossner, Chair

Honors Program Advisory Committee - Dr. Alissa Burger, Chair

Information Security - Jon Brennan, Chair

Innovative Academic Initiatives Committee - Dr. John Nader, Chair

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) - Ken Pyle, Chair

Institutional Review Board - Dr. Amber Tatnall, Chair

Intercollegiate Athletic Board - Dr. Scott Swayze, Chair

NY Alert
- Perri DeFreece

Online Instruction Committee - Rebecca Norman-Eck, Lisa Tessier, Co-chairs

Parking Task Force
- Bonnie Martin, Chair

Personal Safety Committee - Tim Hess, LouAnn Matthews-Babcock, Co-chairs

Records Management Committee - Jan Elwell, Chair

Residence Life Planning Committee - Barbara Jones, John Padovani, Co-chairs

Scholastic Standing Committee - Dr. John Nader, Chair

Service-Learning Work Group - Elizabeth Sova, Dr. Amber Tatnall, Co-chairs

Staff Development Committee - Ellen Giambalvo, Barbara Kaplan, Co-chairs

Student Conduct Council - LouAnn Matthews-Babcock, Convener

Student Health Advisory Committee - Lori Osterhoudt, Chair

Student Success Work Group - Dr. John Sandman, Jeff Stedman, Co-chairs

Traffic Appeals Board - Elizabeth Outsen, Convener

UUP Individual Development Awards Committee - Jacqnene Howard, Chair

Workplace Violence Prevention Task Force - Lynn Berger, Perri DeFreece, Co-chairs


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