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The primary function of the Purchasing Department is the procurement of goods and services required by the College to fulfill its mission in education, research, economic and cultural/social development. Through effective communication, both internal and external, the Purchasing Department strives to provide for the varied needs of the campus community while staying within the laws and regulations of the New York State Office of the State Comptroller, the New York State Office of General Services and the State University of New York. This involves a balance between efficient and timely service to our customers and providing an environment of good sound business controls to protect the assets of SUNY Delhi.

Objectives and Standards

State University's BASIC PROCUREMENT OBJECTIVE is to secure the most appropriate materials, supplies, equipment, and services at the lowest available price, consistent with quality requirements and delivery needs as will best promote the interest of New York State. The practice of COMPETITIVE BIDDING, whether formal or informal, not only tends to assure reasonable prices, but will guard against favoritism, improvidence, and fraud. Therefore, competitive bidding shall, to the extent practicable, be solicited and purchases shall be at the lowest available price consistent with quality requirements as will best promote the public interest. It is the policy of the State University of New York to take AFFIRMATIVE ACTION to ensure that minority and women-owned business enterprises are given the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to provide the University with goods and services at competitive prices. NYS Finance Law Section 162 and NYS Corrections Law Section 184 state that PREFERRED SOURCES, which are Corcraft Products, NYS Preferred Source Program for People Who Are Blind and NYS Industries for the Disabled, must be considered whenever purchases of commodities or services are required.  Form, function and utility requirements may be considered.  Where a preferred source is to be used for the provision of commodities or services, no competitive selection process or publication in the Contract Reporter is required.  In the even a preferred source is to be rejected, that source must be given prior written notice with and explanation and opportunity to respond (see SUNY Procedure 7553).  Every effort should be made to follow the purchasing guidelines set forth by the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) and to follow the Office of General Services (OGS) requirements, rules, and regulations for the purchase of materials, equipment, supplies, printing, and services.

Minority and Women Owned Businesses

Our Purchasing Department, just as every other NYS agency, has been given target goals for usage of Minority and Women Owned Businesses (MWBE's) for the 14-15 state fiscal year. The SUNY goal is a total of 30%: 15% for Minority Owned Business and 15% for Women Owned Business. Those state agencies that do not meet their goals will have penalties and sanctions placed on their purchasing ability. We are striving to meet these goals at every opportunity.
Empire State Development (ESD) has a link for the NYS MWBE directory where you can search by vendor, product or more specific criteria like market area or service type. Their mission is to promote equality of economic opportunities for MWBE's and to eliminate barriers to their participation in state contracts.
Our Purchasing Department is here to help so please contact Allison Lundin, Assistant Purchasing Manager, at x4502 with any questions.

ATTENTION : When you sign an invoice “OK TO PAY” you are authorizing a payment.  That means YOU ARE VERIFYING that the merchandise has been RECEIVED, and/or the service has been PERFORMED. If you are not sure or something doesn’t look right….  DO NOT SIGN IT; Look into it…. RESEARCH IT… Confirm it!  You are RESPONSIBLE!  







Preferred Sources:
NYS Industries for the Disabled
NYS Industries for the Blind
OGS NYS Contracts


Ann Kochersberger
Purchasing Associate
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Cheryl Dietzman
Purchasing & Accounts Payable
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John Villanti
Contracts Coordinator
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