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Minority and Women Owned Businesses 

Our Purchasing Department, just as every other NYS agency, has been given target goals for usage of Minority and Women Owned Businesses (MWBE's) for the 14-15 state fiscal year. The SUNY goal is a total of 21% of all commodities purchases: 13% for MBEs and 8% for WBEs, and 14% MBE and 7% WBE for services/consultants. These goals have significantly increased over the last several years and we have continues to struggle, and failed, at meeting the past goals. Those state agencies that do not meet their goals will have penalties and sanctions placed on their purchasing ability. Empire State Development (ESD) MWBE has a link for the NYS MWBE directory where you can search by vendor, product or more specific criteria like market area or service type. Their mission is to promote equality of economic opportunities for MWBE's and to eliminate barriers to their participation in state contracts.

Click here for the Empire State Directory of MWBE's

We are striving to meet these goals at every opportunity and SUNY is required by statute to make a good faith effort to reach the established agreed upon MWBE goals. The SUNY-wide MWBE procurement specialist has issued a Good Faith Efforts document for all SUNY campuses to review best practices and outline procedures.

SUNY's policy and New York State Executive Law Article 15-A require campuses and the vendors whom they do business with to make a "good faith effort" toward the realization of SUNY's M/WBE goals in its procurement of commodities and services. A comprehensive "good faith effort" includes, but is not limited to, the following strategies:

For SUNY Campuses:
-Strategic outreach to M/WBE organizations and advertisement in appropriate general circulation, trade and M/WBE oriented media.
-Request for bids/quotes of services, commodities and construction must be made in timely manner by placing advertisements in the New York State Contract Reporter and mainstream media which can reasonably expect to reach the minority and women-owned business communities (i.e., urban media).
-It is suggested that for bids/quotes of services, commodities and construction, advertisements also be placed in minority and women focused media (i.e., Minority Commerce Weekly).

Notice of solicitation & follow-up:
-Notice of solicitation should be sent to appropriately located M/WBE business associations and minority & women's community base organizations (CAPs). The directory of New York State certified M/WBE vendors is produced by New York State Department of Economic Development and is available on-line at
-Advertisements and notices should be sent in timely fashion (at least 15 business days in advance for appropriate review by M/WBEs).
-All solicitation letters should be sent by email (with tracking for received and/or read messages) or certified mail and include the response date for the information requested and a Minority or Women's Business Unavailability/Incapability Certificate (See Attachment)  
-Follow-up telephone calls to M/WBE vendors are encouraged

Additional Best Practices for SUNY Campuses:
-Campuses need to solicit and negotiate with M/WBE's for commodities, services and contracts via items listed on their semi annual and quarterly procurement projection 

-Campuses should take a proactive approach by locating M/WBE vendor for their various departments and bureaus and forwarding list to those entities
-Campuses should utilize their discretionary authority to increase their M/WBE participation.
-Campuses should Match their local M/WBE's to future procurement opportunities and notify the M/WBE of the opportunities.

 Direct negotiation with M/WBEs in reaching mutually acceptable prices.
When an M/WBE submits a quote for commodities, services or construction and the quote is deemed high, to demonstrate Good Faith Effort, the campus should engage in direct negotiation with the M/WBE firm in an attempt to reach an acceptable price. This step in a good faith effort is not applicable to those cases where an MBE or WBE quote is rejected in favor of another MBE or WBE or when there is a sealed bid


Our Purchasing Department is here to help so please contact Cheryl Dietzman, Assistant Purchasing Manager, at x4501 or John Villanti, Contracts Coordinator, at x4620 with any questions.




Preferred Sources:
NYS Industries for the Disabled
NYS Industries for the Blind
OGS NYS Contracts


Ann Kochersberger
Purchasing Associate
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Cheryl Dietzman
Purchasing & Accounts Payable
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(607) 746-4515 (fax)

John Villanti
Contracts Coordinator
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(607) 746-4515 (fax)

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