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Health Requirements:

The National Junior College Athletics Association (NJCAA) and SUNY Delhi require that all student-athletes complete a series of health requirements to be eligible for practice and competition. These are REQUIRED to be completed BEFORE the first day of tryouts or practices.





All student-athletes must have a current physical on file in Health Services and that physical must have been conducted within the calendar year. The physical expires 1 year after it was conducted. If that date falls before or during a student-athletes playing season, the student-athlete will become ineligible after that date. 

To avoid issues with a physical expiring mid-season, the ideal time for student-athletes to have their physical is between May 15 and August 15.

What about returning student-athletes?

Student-athletes are required to update their physical each year.  

What will be accepted as documentation of a physical?

Any one of the following:

  • The student-athletes name and date of birth
  • That the physican conducted a physical examination and the date the physical was conducted
  • That the student-athlete was found to be physically fit to participate in athletics without restrictions
  • The physicians signature and the date

Where do I get the Health History or physical form?

A Health History form is sent to all incoming freshman. If you did not recieve this form or you are a returning student and need Part C of the physical form to update your physical you may download a copy.

Where do I send my health form and/or physical?

Student-athletes should forward all health information to Health Services by mail or fax well in advance of the first day of practices. Health information should not be mailed, faxed or delivered to coaching staff.

Counseling and Health Services
Foreman Hall, 454 Delhi Drive
Delhi, NY 13753

Fax (607) 746-4141

Can a student-athlete get a physical on campus?

Optimally, student-athletes get a physical from their own physician. A physician who knows their long-term health history is in the best position to determine whether they are healthy enough to compete in collegiate athletics. However, students may schedule an appointment with Health Services on campus to conduct their physical. There is a fee for this service.

Are student-athletes required to have health insurance?

Student-athletes must be insured

Proof of insurance, including a copy of their insurance card must be provided to the athletic department prior to the first day of practices. A Statement of Insurance Form will be mailed to all prospective athletes in June. If you did not recieve this form or need another copy you may download one from the athletics website. This is in addition to the waiver that must be completed to remove the college insurance from the students bill. More information about the college insurance is available from the Health Center.

Athletics DOES NOT carry an secondary accident policy for student-athletes. In the event that a student-athlete is injured while participating in athletics, all claims will be billed to the students primary insurance. The policy holder will be responsible for any portion of medical bills not covered by the student-athletes primary insurance.  

I do not have health insurance of my own or through my parents. What can I do?

You can purchase the college health insurance plan if you are not covered by other health insurance. In fact, you are automatically billed for this insurance unless you prove that you have other health insurance coverage. As a student-athlete you should be aware that the college health insurance coverage of interscholastic sports injuries is limited. The limits are spelled out in Part V of policy. Remember, these limits are for injuries sustained while participating in intercollegiate sports only and not illness or injuries sustained during other activities.

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Last Updated: 9/5/13