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Co-Rec Softball Rules


A. The player roster is limited to no more than eighteen (18) players at any one (1) time.

B. Two (2) females must be on the field playing at all times. The team will forfeit if they do not have eight (8) players, ten (10) minutes after the scheduled start time.

C. The Intramural Coordinator must be notified of any additions to the roster before the new players can play.  Additions are permitted provided the roster does not exceed eighteen (18) players.


A. Individual players are responsible for providing their own gloves.

B. Teams must use all the intramural softballs provided.  It is the responsibility of the teams playing to collect any softballs that are hit over the fencing.

C. Catchers must wear the catcher's mask provided.

D. Players may not wear metal cleats or use a baseball bat.  Any player stepping into the batter's box or onto the field with either will be called out.  A second occurrence will result in that player's ejection.

E. A player who throws their bat is automatically declared out and no base runners may advance.


A. The Field

1. The bases are 60' apart and the pitcher's mound is 46' from home plate.

2. Ground Rules for each field will be covered prior to the beginning of each game.

B. The Pitch and Game Play

1. All pitches must be underhand with 6'-15'arc.

2. The strike zone is above the front knee and below the rear shoulder.

3. Any legal pitch hitting the plate and/or the plate extension mat is a strike.

4. The batter has the option of hitting an illegal pitch that is "flat" or "high".

5. A batter will begin with a one (1) ball and one (1) strike count.  A foul ball on the third strike is an out.

6. Pitcher's may take five (5) warm up pitches within a one (1) minute span.

7. Games are seven (7) innings or one (1) hour, whichever occurs first.  No new innings will begin once a game has reached fifty-five (55) minutes.  The umpire will make an announcement at the fifty-five (55) minute mark.

8. There will be a ten (10) run mercy rule applied after four (4) innings.  The mercy rule WILL NOT be used for the semi-final and championship games.

C. Interference

1. If a player on the offensive team interferes with the fielding team making a play on the ball in fair or foul territory, the player closest to home is out.  All other players return to the base occupied at the time of the interference.

2. If a batted ball hits a base runner before passing a fielder other than the pitcher, the runner is out and all other runners must return to the base occupied at the time of the pitch.

3. A batter is out if they attempt to bunt or chop swing at the ball.

D. Batters and Base Runners

1. If a base dislodges, the runner does not have to follow the base.  They must go to area where the base was.

2. Two (2) runners may not occupy the same base. The runner first legally holding the base is entitled to it unless forced to advance.

3. A runner who leaves base before the pitch crosses the plate is out and the ball is dead.

4. If a runner passes a runner ahead of them, the trail runner is out.

5. No runner may go back and retouch a base after a subsequent runner has scored.

6. Awarded bases must be touched in the proper order.

7. The base runner may only be assisted by another base runner.

8. The batter/runner is out if they are running outside the baseline to 1st base and a thrown ball hits them.  A runner is not out for running out of the baseline if they are attempting to avoid interference.

9. Runners must attempt to slide or avoid contact with a defensive player.


E. Balls Out of Play

1. If a ball is thrown or carried out of play, each runner is awarded two (2) bases from where he/she was standing when the ball was thrown.

F. Infield Fly Rule

1. If a batter pops up the ball to an infielder with runners on first and second or first, second, and third with less than two (2) outs, the batter is automatically out.  Runners may advance at their own risk.  

G. Appeals

1. Appeals may be made on runners not tagging up properly or a runner missing a base.  The team appealing must notify the umpire of the runner and the base they are appealing.


A. In case of inclement weather, a decision will be made a half-hour prior to the game if the game will be played or cancelled.

B. If the game is halted due to inclement weather before four (4) complete innings, the game will be rescheduled.  After four (4) complete innings, it's considered an official game.

C. Call the Intramural Coordinator to see if games are still on.


A. After two (2) forfeits, the team will be removed from the league.

B. A forfeit occurs if the team cannot field at least eight (8) players, ten (10) minutes after the scheduled starting time.



Beau Bracchy
Intramural Coordinator
Last Updated: 1/27/15