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Co-Rec Indoor Soccer Rules


A. The player roster is limited to no more than 12 players at any one time.

B. There is a maximum of three (3) varsity players per team.

C. Two (2) females must be on the court playing at all times. The team will play short or with five (5) players if there is not the proper number of females in attendance.

D. The Intramural Coordinator must be notified of any additions to the roster before the new players can play, no more than two (2) hours prior to a match.  Additions are permitted provided the roster does not exceed twelve (12) players.


A. Only proper Athletics shoes are permitted in the gym area.  Shoes that leave scuffmarks are not allowed.

B. The Intramural Department will provide indoor soccer balls (futsal) and goals.


A. Substitutions can be made on the fly from the designated area.  The substitute cannot enter the court until the other player has left the playing area.

B. Substitutions may also be made during dead ball situations.


A. Games will be started by a kick-off  at mid-court.  The ball must not go forward.

B. Goals can be scored from anywhere on the floor.

C. Games will consist of 25 minutes of running time.  The clock will stop for goals, penalty kicks, injuries, and official discussions.

D. There are no off side plays.  Players must stay on their feet, no slide tackles.

E.  Goalkeepers cannot advance the ball beyond mid-court on the fly (kick or throw).

F.  Out of Bounds - the ball will be put back in play with a direct kick where the ball went out of bounds

1.  When using the gym, any ball that hits the ceiling, above the bleachers, or above the gray border mats will result in a direct kick from mid-court for the opposing team.   

2.  Any ball that passes outside the border of the designated playing area, whether in the gym or bubble.

G. Penalty kicks will be awarded as a result of violent and aggressive fouls, and fouls in the penalty area (inside the high school three point key).  Penalty kicks will be taken from the top of the high school three point key.

H. All kicks are direct.

I. Any rule not covered will be dealt with on an as needed basis.

J. Game is played with any combination of six players, which must include at least two (2) females. Teams may play with five (5) people to avoid forfeit, as long as one (1) person is female.


A. Due to Gym/Bubble availability, games will be scheduled around intercollegiate athletic schedules.

B. Games must start within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled time; if not, a forfeit will be awarded to the opposing team.

C. The season’s schedule will be posted on the Intramural web page.

D. If a team is unable to make a scheduled game, the Coordinator must be notified to re-schedule the contest.


A. Teams will be awarded three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie, and zero (0) points for a loss.

B. Round robin play will be used for the regular season.

C. The number of teams making the playoffs will be determined at a later date.

Beau Bracchy
Intramural Coordinator
Last Updated: 10/21/13