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Co-Rec Volleyball Rules

I. General Rules of Play

A.  Serving - the ball must be tossed or released from the holding hand and struck with an open or closed hand.

B. While the ball is in play, the ball must be hit legally with the fingertips, open hand, or fist and may not be lifted, carried or thrown.

C. A player is not permitted to touch the ball two consecutive times; however, a block is not considered a contact.

D. Players must be in their legal position prior to the serve and are allowed to switch only after the serve.

E. A back-row player is not allowed to spike the ball at the net, but is allowed to spike as long as they jump from behind the attack line.

F. Team members will rotate clockwise after each side out.

G. Players are allowed to reach over the net, but may not interfere with the opponent's attack. 

H. No part of the body is permitted to touch the net.

I. The ball can be played off the net.

J. Games are played to twenty-five (25) points and teams must win by two (2) points.  Matches are best of three (3).

II. Team Make Up

A. Teams shall consist of up to ten (10) players with no more than six (6) players on the court at any time.

B. There shall be at least two (2) females on the court at all times.  No more than three (3) varsity players per team.

C. Teams need at least four (4) players to avoid a forfeit, including one (1) female.

III. Equipment

A. The Intramural Office will provide all the necessary equipment.

B. Players are responsible for providing their own knee and elbow pads.

IV. Schedule

A. Please check the posted schedules for game dates and times.



Beau Bracchy
Intramural Coordinator
Last Updated: 1/27/15