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Co-Rec California Kickball Rules


I. General Rules of Play

A. Pitching – The ball is rolled from the pitcher to the kicker. No bouncing allowed. Once the pitcher has the ball, no runners may advance.   

B. Kicking – The ball must be kicked forward of home plate and in fair territory. A player that kicks two foul balls will be called out.

C. Base Running – The object of the game is to run at your leisure from base to base, before eventually scoring. Players are not forced to run when the ball is kicked.

D. The only time there is a force play is when each kicker contacts the ball and is advancing towards first base.

E. Any ball that hits any part of the ceiling results in an out. It is also a dead ball, and runners may not advance.

F. Any ball kicked above the green padding at the far end of the gym will result in a homerun.

G. Any ball that gets trapped in or on top of the bleachers will result in a ground rule double. The kicker is awarded second base, and any base runners are allowed to advance two bases from the previous base that they occupied.

H. Any ball caught in the air results in an out.

I. Runners may be tagged out on any part of the body. They can also be called out if the ball is thrown at them and it hits them anywhere below the waist.

J. Any arguments or conflicts with a student-official will result in adding an out for the kicking team or subtracting an out for the fielding team

K. Scoring – Once a runner advances through first, second, and third base they are allowed to cross home plate. A single runner that crosses home plate results in one (1) run. 

L. Games will consist of five (5) innings or a forty (40) minute time limit, whichever comes first. If time is up before the game is complete, the game will be finished after the home team kicks in the bottom of the current inning. Each inning will consist of four (4) outs.

II. Team Make Up

A. Teams shall consist of up to twelve (12) players with no more than nine (9) players on the field at any time. All players on the roster are allowed to kick.

B. There shall be at least three (3) females on the field at all times.

C. Teams need at least seven (7) players to avoid a forfeit, including one (1) female.

III. Equipment

A. The Intramural Office will provide the ball and bases.

B. Games will be played in the Clark Field House.

IV. Schedule

A. Please check the posted schedule for game dates and times.


Beau Bracchy
Intramural Coordinator
Last Updated: 9/8/14