Co-Curricular Transcripts FAQs

Co-Curricular Transcripts FAQs

What is a Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT)?

The word "co-curricular" simply means "along with your academic curriculum." It is an official record of the activities in which you participated and the accomplishments, awards, and honors you received outside of the classroom during your time at SUNY Delhi.

How is the Co-Curricular Transcript used?

Official copies of the Co-Curricular Transcript can be sent to prospective employers in order to complement your resume. They can also be used to enhance your application to a transfer college or graduate school.

Should employment be included?

Only paid College Leadership Positions should be listed on your Co-Curricular Transcript. The accepted positions can be found on the Master List.

What types of activities are included?

Approved activities that you participated in at SUNY Delhi outside of the classroom. The types of activities listed on your CCT include:

  • ACTIVITY: Club, Organization, or Program
  • AWARDS: Honors, Awards, and Recognition
  • COMM: Committee Membership
  • CS: Community Service
  • LEADER: Leadership Activities
  • PROFDEV: Professional and Educational Development Activities

Should I submit events for participation in an organization even if I submit an entry for being an officer of the organization?

Generally, you will participate in a group before you become an officer, and this participation extends over a longer period of time. We suggest that you submit entries for each year of participation as well as additional entries for any leadership position.

What if I hold more than one position in an organization?

Submit a separate entry form for each position held.

Can I submit the same entry if I continue participation in the group or hold the same office for an additional year?

Yes. You should submit entries at the end of each semester.

When should my entries by submitted?

The entry should preferably be submitted at the completion of the individual activity or at the end of each semester. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL RIGHT BEFORE GRADUATION! If you try to get all of your entries in at the last minute, they will not be processed in time for your graduation. It is also very difficult to remember everything you have accomplished in your years here if you do not keep track of them as you do them.

Should I submit entries for participation in community service events?

No. Do not fill out CCTs for individual community service events. Community Service is recorded based on your total amount of community service hours recorded and registered with the O'Connor Center for Community Engagement. To include your community service on your Co-Curricular Transcript, simply fill out the CCT form, enter "CS" as TYPE, sign and bring it to OCCE for verification.

How do I submit entries for my transcript?

Complete a Co-Curricular Transcript Entry Validation Form (one for each entry) and return it to the Student Activities Office, 222 Farrell Center.

Must all entries be validated?

Yes. Each Entry Form must have the signature of the advisor or person in charge of the organization or activity you are submitting.

How long are my records kept after graduation?


When will my CCT be completed and reproduced?

The semester before graduation, but if a copy is needed earlier a request can be made. A Co-Curricular Transcript can be reproduced at the same time you request an Official Academic Transcript through the Registrar's Office.

Who has access to my file?

Only you and Student Activities.

Can my CCT be edited or an entry deleted?

Yes. You can request corrections in your transcript in the term prior to graduation. Submit a request form, receive your transcript, make corrections on it and return it to Student Activities.

How do I use the Master List of organizations, activities, programs and honors?

To streamline the program, Student Activities has compiled standard descriptions of known organizations, programs, activities, honors, etc. If your activity is listed on the Master List, you do not need to provide a description.

Will my description of the activity and definition of responsibility appear on my transcript?

Generally, all narrative entries will be edited to conform to space limitations.

What will my CCT look like?

See a sample copy of a CCT here >

Where can I obtain further information?

Stop by the Student Activities Office, 222 Farrell Center.