Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

There are many leadership opportunities available for students on campus. In fact, 14 percent of SUNY Delhi students serve in one or more leadership positions. You can lead as a club officer, by serving as a Student Senator in the campus Student Government, as a team captain on an intercollegiate or intramural team, or by applying for a paid campus leadership position, and becoming an Orientation Leader, Peer Educator, Resident Assistant, Student Manager, Lifeguard, Athletic Assistant, or Night Host.

All documented leadership positions qualify for inclusion on your Co-Curricular Transcript, which can be established through the Office of Student Activities. The Co-Curricular Transcript is your formal record of all leadership and service positions students have held while attending SUNY Delhi, as well as a record of all club involvement and extra-curricular activities.

Community Service Awards

Student Activities

There are more than 60 recognized clubs, organizations, fraternities and sororities on campus, and each organization provides students with a chance to serve in various leadership positions that are unique to every club and organization. Additional leadership opportunities available through the Office of Student Activities include compensated positions, such as student building managers, and student activities assistant positions.

Student Senate - Student Activities

Student Senate 2013

Each recognized club elects a Student Senator to serve in Delhi's Student Government, which meets weekly. Interested students can aspire to one of the most prestigious and important student leadership positions available on campus, the Executive Board of the SUNY Delhi Student Senate. The positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary are chosen in a campus-wide election held in April each year. Student Senate Executive Board positions serve important functions on campus as advocates for the student body with the college administration, and as representatives for SUNY Delhi's students with the SUNY-Wide Student Assembly.

Building Managers - Student Activities

The Student Activities Department is always looking for students to supervise the Farrell Student and Community Center. Building Managers perform routine building checks, provide basic technical support for Farrell programs and assist organizations, departments or individuals who are using Farrell with programs or events. Serving as a building manager is a great opportunity for a night owl to coordinate and present programs to the campus, communicate with University Police and Facilities and work closely with the Student Activities Associate. Students are required to have a minimum GPA of 2.25 and a positive disciplinary record.

Campus Committees

SUNY Delhi has numerous committees which seek student members. Students serve on advisory boards, search committees and on committees such as the Common Hour Committee, the Personal Safety Committee, and The Green Team. Please visit the Campus Committees link for a complete list.

Resident Assistants - Residence Life

DuBois Hall 2013

Resident Assistants (RAs) are full-time students who serve as peer mentors, organize events and enforce policy. They help maintain a conducive study and living environment for approximately 30-35 students on their floor or quad. They are knowledgeable about the college, its resources and personnel, and are available to counsel students on their residence floor. RAs are students carefully selected for their leadership and communication skills. They receive training, prior to the beginning of each semester, in problem-solving and emergency response. Their academic performance is also considered in the selection process. If students have questions or problems, they should consult first with their RA. RAs are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.25 and a positive disciplinary record.

Veterinary Science Residential Experience Program, Peer Mentors - Residence Life

DuBoisHall2013-2Peer Mentors are students who become acquainted with each student in the Veterinary Science Technology program, and will provide mentoring hours in the evening to assist students with academic and personal concerns, including tutoring. In collaboration with other staff, peer mentors will facilitate a minimum of two academic and social programs per month for their residence. Peer Mentors are familiar with campus personnel, resources and procedures available to enhance student success. Peer Mentors are expected to arrive on campus early in the fall to assist with Move-In Day and participate in Orientation activities with students on their floor. Peer Mentors are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 each semester.

Sustainability Advocates - Residence Life

These students promote sustainability in the residence halls. Students will actively educate their peers through programming, passively educate students through marketing, and participate in the End of the Semester Donation organization. The students hired will serve as role models, not just for sustainability, but also for the Student Code of Conduct and will demonstrate being a positive member of the campus and local community. There are sustainability education orientation and committee membership requirements for the position. Sustainability Advocates must have a positive disciplinary record. Students receive a stipend for their work.

Night Hosts - Residence Life

Night Hosts are student workers who monitor the main entrances of the residence halls during the late hours of the evening. This provides for increased safety and security to all students living in the residence halls. Night hosts direct guests of residents to sign themselves in and out of the residence halls, remind students to register guest vehicles with a free overnight parking pass and notify University Police and Residence Life staff in case of emergencies.

Orientation Leaders - Student Life

A staff of 25 to 35 student orientation leaders is hired each year to work New Student Orientation in late August. Recruitment occurs in the spring semester for the following fall. Positions are competitive and require a minimum GPA of 2.25, energy and a desire to help new students transition to college. Job duties include assisting with Move-In Day, facilitating small group ice breakers and discussion, directing people and answering questions, running events at the Freshman Picnic, and assisting with set-ups and tear-downs of Orientation events. The period of employment is approximately one week and includes several days of mandatory training. Students receive a stipend for their work. (Note: RAs are not eligible to apply.)

Peer Educators - Health and Counseling Services

Peer Ed

Peer Educators provide outreach programs to the college community. Peer Educators have the advantage of being at a similar point in their lives and have many of the same experiences as other students on campus which enhances their credibility, making it easier for them to reach their fellow students with the educational information. Peer Educators are a small number of students selected to provide health education programs on a number of topics including safe sexual health practices, diversity issues, healthy relationships, nutrition, stress management, alcohol and substance abuse, sexual harassment, and prevention of sexual assault and domestic violence. Peer Educators also assist in the office with clerical duties from time-to-time. Peer Educators are generally recruited during the spring semester for the following year, and are taught the fundamentals of peer education including their role and responsibilities, and strategies for developing, marketing, and presenting psycho-educational programs. The selection is highly competitive.

Student Ambassadors - Enrollment Services

The Student Ambassador program is composed of a select group of students chosen for their sincere desire to represent SUNY Delhi to prospective students and their families. They are effective speakers, make a positive first impression, have the ability to adapt to a variety of situations and are able to work well with others. Student Ambassadors provide campus tours, assist with campus Open Houses, Accepted Student Days and meet with prospective students.

Student Assistants - O'Connor Center for Community Engagement

Student Assistants for The O'Connor Center for Community Engagement (OCCE) must be committed to service, organized with good communication skills, computer skills, customer service and phone/email etiquette. Experience in performing community service is required. Duties include staffing the OCCE office, organizing civic engagement programs and events, data entry, answering phone calls and emails, assisting students to find volunteer opportunities and acting as a liaison with community partners. Occasionally, Student Assistants will be requested to generate reports on volunteer performance and write articles for the campus newspaper. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.7. Data entry experience and a valid driver's license preferred.


The Department of Athletics offers a wide variety of programs in all areas of intercollegiate athletics, intramurals and recreational activities. Athletic team captains are those who exemplify the ideals of sportsmanship and dedication. Captains act as liaisons between coaching staff and team members. All athletic programs help student-athletes develop leadership skills, an appreciation for diversity and a sense of community.

Peer Advisors - Academics

Peer Advisors support student success by serving as a liaison between the advisors and advisees in their current program of study. Peer Advisors conduct peer advisement sessions for the specific program they are assigned. Other assignments may be determined by advisors. This program strengthens the Peer Advisor's knowledge of their major program; provides an opportunity to develop interpersonal skills, work experience and responsibility. Students in the program of study benefit by having an additional resource and alternative perspective when developing schedules for semesters to come.

Peer Supplemental Instructors - Academics

Reading Room 2013

The Peer Supplemental Instructor (PSI) program is an academic assistance program that utilizes students who have previously done well in a course. The PSI will attend all class lectures and/or laboratory sessions, take notes, conduct study sessions, hold regularly-scheduled office hours, compare notes, discuss readings and assignments all while acting as a model student. This program enhances the PSI's knowledge of the course, provides an opportunity to develop interpersonal skills, work experience and responsibility. Students in the classroom benefit by having an additional resource and alternative perspective of course materials.

Student Conduct Council Members - Student Rights and Responsibilities

The Student Conduct Council is a volunteer group comprised of students, faculty and staff members who hear cases of alleged student misconduct. Student Members of the Conduct Council are bound by ethics and the Student Code of Conduct to appropriately apply policies and procedures as outlined in the Student Handbook. Students who serve on the Conduct Council have the opportunity to serve as active community members, representatives of the college and educators to fellow peers. Students who are interested in serving on the Conduct Council must be registered, full-time students at SUNY Delhi, must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.25, and have a positive disciplinary record. Visit the Student Rights and Responsibilities website for more information.

Community Outreach Assistants - Student Rights and Responsibilities

Community Outreach Assistants (CAs) work closely with the Vice President for Student Life and the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. They provide education through outreach programs geared specifically for students living off campus in the Village of Delhi. In addition, they provide information directly to students living off campus, and serve as intermediaries to the Village Police Department, Village residents and students residing locally off campus. CAs also serve on the Mayor's Task Force, assist with off-campus meetings and make house visits as deemed necessary. Moreover, they help to organize neighborhood barbeques as well as develop a positive community by organizing off-campus clean ups and community service.