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Women's Health Services

Female Students Practicing YogaGynecologic Clinic & Birth Control Services

Nurse practitioners are on staff for GYN visits, which are by appointment only. GYN exams are free. There is a fee for laboratory tests that can be billed to insurance or billed as a self-pay at a reduced cost. Services available include:


Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception Pills (ECP) known as Plan B is available at Health Services at a reduced fee as a way to reduce your risk of pregnancy after having unprotected sex. It is not intended for regular use, but should be used in situations where:

The key factor is time! Emergency contraception is safe and most effective when taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex. 

If Health Services is closed and you don't feel you can wait, or waiting will put you beyond the 72 hour window, you may:













Contact Us
Foreman Hall
(607) 746-4690
(607) 746-4141 (fax)

Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday:
  8:30 am - 6 pm
  8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Medical Clinic
No appointment is necessary, just
walk in. No insurance is needed in order to be seen.

Counseling Appointments
Make an appointment with a counselor by stopping by Foreman Hall or by calling (607) 746-4690. Same-day crisis appointments are available if needed.

Emergencies On-Campus
Contact University Police
(607) 746-4700

Emergencies Off-Campus
Dial 911 or call O'Connor Hospital in Delhi at (607) 746-0300



Health Information
Regarding the Ebola Virus

SUNY Delhi is closely monitoring updates from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and the NYS Department of Health regarding the Ebola virus outbreak in several West African countries --Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.  As you may be aware from news reports, there have been three individuals in the United States who have contracted Ebola, two in Texas and one in New York City.  All three are medical personnel, and the CDC maintains that Ebola poses no substantial risk to the U.S. general population.

The CDC has issued warnings to avoid non-essential travel to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, and SUNY is prohibiting campus-sponsored travel to these countries.  If you have plans to travel to or near the affected area or have any questions regarding the Ebola virus please refer to the CDC website at for information.  Students, faculty and staff may also contact the campus Health Service in Foreman Hall at 607-746-4690 or for additional information.  

Last Updated: 3/26/14