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Request to Live On Under 12 Credits

This form is for STUDENTS WHO ARE NEED TO REQUEST TO STAY IN THE RESIDENCE HALL AS A PART TIME STUDENT.  This means that the student will be registered for less than 12 credit hours.

Please note that per the Housing Policy Guide "To live in the residence halls, students must be full-time matriculated students and actively attending all classes...The college reserves the right to remove students from campus housing who are not actively attending classes or who are registered for fewer than 12 credit hours each semester."

Once you submit your request, you will immediately receive an email to your Delhi email address confirming we have received your request to live off campus.  Within three business days you will receive an email from the Office of Residence Life letting you know if you are approved to live on campus with under 12 credits.

By completing this form, you are not guaranteed that you will be permitted to remain in the residence halls under 12 credits.


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