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Service-Learning Mission: Continuing a tradition of student-centered education at SUNY Delhi, the Service-Learning Work Group is committed to the development and facilitation of service-learning opportunities for our students and our communities.

Service-Learning Vision: Service-Learning makes education meaningful by connecting real-life service experiences to course learning objectives. The policies and practices at the college must reflect this value by offering quality service-learning opportunities and rewarding faculty and staff who take part in this process.

Courses designated S-L for the Spring 2016 semester are:

BIOL 140: Field Biology  CRN's 10181, 10182, 10184
BUSI 310:  Strategic Management  CRN's 10222 and 10531
BUSI 345: Risk Management  CRN's 10268 and 11378
EDUC 100: Foundation of Education  CRN 10807
ENGL 100:  Freshman Composition  CRN's 10238 and 10042
HIST 230:  Topics in New York History  CRN 11359
HOSP 220: Nutrition I CRN's 10192, 10253, 10254, 10422 and 10427
HOSP 330:  Hospitality Strategic Marketing CRN  10257
NURS 403: Senior Practicum CRNs 10788, 11165, 10792, 11091 and 11197
PEDH 210: Health & Wellness CRNs 10474 and 10511
PEDC 288: Rhythm & Dance CRN 10515
PSYC 230: Abnormal Psychology  CRN 10564
VETS 204: Animal Care II CRN's 10796, 10797, 10798, 10800, 10802, 10822, 11398, 11400 and 11401
VETS 211: Preventative Medicine & Shelter Medicine CRN 10586
Optional Service-Learning Designation

Refrigeration/AC Operations Lab - RFAC 170 all sections

Courses designated S-L for the Fall 2016 semester were:

GOVT 220:  The Politics of Health Care CRN 11095
HIST 105: Modern American History CRNs 10093 & 10922
HONR 230: American Public History CRN 11382
HOSP 220: Nutrition I CRNS 10689 & 10844
HOSP 330:  Hospitality Strategic Marketing CRN 10941
HOTL 250: Hotel Banquet & Function CRNs 10187 & 10188
HUMN 205: Intro to Women’s Studies CRN 10980
HUMN 242 History of World & Western Architecture CRN 10582
MATH 106: Math for Elementary Teachers CRN 10946
NURS 403: Senior Practicum CRNs 10913, 10917, 11017, & 11209
PEDC 288: Rhythm & Dance CRN 10594
PEDH 210: Health & Wellness CRNs 10570 & 10571
PGMB 170: Player Development I CRN 11098
PGMB 230: Player Development II CRN 10797
PGMB 350: Player Development III CRN 10927
PGMB 400: Review & Final Presentation CRN 10970
PSYC 230: Abnormal Psychology CRN 10918
VETS 204: Animal Care II CRN 10929
VETS 211: Preventative Medicine & Shelter Medicine CRN 11309


For faculty/staff interested in designating a service-learning course, or who want to deepen their understanding of what service-learning is,

please contact Elizabeth Sova at the O'Connor Center for Community Engagement x4781, for the key to self-enroll in the S-L Designation Course in Vancko Hall.

Service-Learning Mini-Grant:   The O’Connor Center for Community Engagement assists  faculty to revise or design new courses or new sections of existing courses, by incorporating service-learning pedagogy. Mini-Grants are provided to support faculty to use for academic service projects.

Service-Learning Mini-Grant Proposal Guidelines:  Faculty should complete the Vancko Hall Service-Learning Certification course before submitting a brief outline of the way the funds will be used the semester before the funds are needed.  Contact the OCCE for the key to join the classroom.  Besides being eligible for the mini-grant, you will receive the S-L Certification!

The proposal must clearly describe the following:

• Syllabus

• Planned service-learning activities and budget to allow completion.

• Anticipated community agency or population and projected benefits of service learning activities to such agency/population.

• Assessment plan for determining the impact of the service-learning activities/projects on the group/population served, on the community or society in general, and on learning outcomes of the students.

Assessment and Evaluation Instrument:  For S-L designated courses, please administer in the beginning (after Orientation) and at the end of the semester.

The Service-Learning Work Group asks all faculty currently advising students to promote service-learning (S-L) courses being offered.  If faculty are interested in using this teaching method, please contact Elizabeth Sova at 607-746-4781 or for further details.

SUNY Delhi's definition of Service-Learning

Service-learning engages students for life-long success, promotes academic excellence and builds strategic partnerships through civic engagement and experiential learning.  Service-learning is a combination of classroom instruction and community service with a focus on critical, reflective thinking.  Students are able to become active participants in the learning process by applying what they learn in the classroom to solve real-life problems.  SUNY Delhi defines service-learning as:

a) An educational experience based within an academic, credit bearing course in which

b) Students participate in an organized service activity that meets community needs as identified by our partners and is facilitated by the instructor to meet set learning goals and

c) Reflect on the service activity in such a way as to gain further understanding of course content, a broader appreciation of the discipline, and

d) Are able to become active participants in the learning process and gain an enhanced sense of civic responsibility.

Attention Faculty-

Would you like some great inspiration on how you can include this engaging teaching method into your classroom?  Here are some cool examples of issues that can be addressed in different ways across the curriculum.


 The campus has been a member of the New York Campus Compact since 1999.  You can find out how many ways the NYCC supports Civic Engagement and Service-Learning by clicking here.  Please take advantage of the many roundtables, workshops, seminars, conferences and reference materials available to all faculty and staff.

Service-Learning on campus and online!

Service-Learning projects enrich the material students are learning in the classroom through active learning in the community.  Participation in a service-learning projects allows students to practice real world skills and real life applications,  along with helping to meet community needs.  The O'Connor Center for Community Engagement is a resource for students, faculty and our community partners to help promote this valuable learning tool and encourage active citizenship.

Learn how Inclusive Classroom service learning projects (a partnership with The Arc of Delaware County) at SUNY Delhi are working to meet institutional goals on diversity and student engagement!

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