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Lambda Iota Upsilon - LIU

LIU Coat of Arms

Lambda Iota Upsilon Fraternity Inc.

Founded - October 18, 1998, SUNY Delhi

Colors - Black, White, Silver, and Red

Mascot - Sabertooth Tiger

Purpose - The Brothers of Lambda Iota Upsilon Fraternity, in an effort to foster the development of a lifetime of friendships, formed a Fraternity in order to convey social, historical & cultural information which we believe will strengthen our brothers' belief in social equality and justice as well as helping us to maintain high scholastic standing, supporting school activities and rendering services to both the school and local community.

Motto - Unidos Nunca Seremos Vencidos!

Philanthropy - Children's Burn Foundation

Chapter Leadership
President - Gregory Smith
Vice President - Brandon Rivera
Secretary - Breezii Scarboro
Treasurer - David Glassman
SOFA - Louis Prato
Community Service - Breezii Scarboro  
Greek Council Rep - Ferimix Placensia
PM- Ferimix Plasencia
Faculty Advisor - John Synan

Chapter Website - Lambda Iota Upsilon Inc.

Chapter Email -

Lambda Iota Upsilon Fraternity Inc. - Spring 2016



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Student Activities

222 Farrell Student
and Community Center

P: 607-746-4565
F: 607-746-4342


Joliana Hunter-Ellin 
Greek Life Advisor

219 Farrell Student
and Community Center

P: 607-746-4841


Recognized Greek Organizations

ΔΩE - Delta Omega Epsilon (DOE)
KΣE - Kappa Sigma Epsilon (KSE)
ΛAΥ - Lambda Alpha Upsilon (LAU)
ΛIΥ - Lambda Iota Upsilon (LIU)
TΔΧ - Tau Delta Chi (TDX)
TKE - Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE)
TRI  - Tri-Atelier Fraternity (Tri-At)

BΔE - Beta Delta Epsilon (BDE)
- Zeta Delta Tau (ZDT)
KΩI - Kappa Omega Iota (KOI)
MIΥ - Mu Iota Upsilon (MIU)
OΞΩ - Omicron Xi Omega (OXO)
ΣΩE - Sigma Omega Epsilon (SOE)

Co-Ed Fraternities
BKΞ - Beta Kappa Xi (BKX)
ZΦΩ - Zeta Phi Omega (ZPO)
ΥΔE - Upsilon Delta Epsilon (UDE) 

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