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Why Go Greek? Greektionary Mission


Alternate Senator: Charlie Bennett, LIU

Senator: Shiheem Jones, TKE

Community Service: Suzie McDaniel, MIU

SOFA: Greg Smith, LIU

Treasurer: Shalequia Jones, UDE

Secretary: Abbey Osborn, ZPO

Vice President: Cristina Donato, OXO

President: Lindsey Moorehead, KOI


- 10/31 LIU/DOE Halloween Jam in the Farrell Commons from 10pm-2am

11/1 TKE/SPB EDM Concert ft. DJ Chris Cox in the Farrell Commons. Doors open at 8pm.

Greek Council Constitution >

Please read this important letter regarding Greek Life!

2015 eboard 

President: Lindsey Moorehead - LM28@LIVE.DELHI.EDU
Major: Hotel and Resort Management
Pledged: Fall 2011 Kappa Omega Iota
Other Campus Activities:  Delhi Health and Fitness Club, Igloo Club, OCCE
Favorite Artist: Linkin Park

Vice President: Cristina Donato - CD24@LIVE.DELHI.EDU
Major: Computer Information Sciences
Pledged:Spring 2012 Omicron Xi Omega
Other Campus Activities:  Glee Club
Favorite Movie: The Breakfast Club

Secretary: Abbey Osborn - AO16@LIVE.DELHI.EDU
Major: Environmental Studies
Pledged: Fall 2011 Zeta Phi Omega
Other Campus Activities: RA in Riverview
Favorite Artists: Deep, Chatham, Matt Heckler

Treasurer: Shalequia Jones - SJ11@LIVE.DELHI.EDU
Major:  Business and Technology Management
Pledged: Spring 2012 Upsilon Delta Epsilon
Other Campus Activities: SPB, Step it Up, Glee Club and W.I.C
Favorite Movie:

Sergeant of Arms: Greg Smith - GS44@LIVE.DELHI.EDU
Major:  Criminal Justice
Pledged: Spring 2013 Lambda Iota Upsilon
Other Campus Activities: CADI Student Manager
Favorite Animal: Monkey

Community Service: Suzi McDaniel - SM135@LIVE.DELHI.EDU
Major:  Environmental Studies
Pledged: Spring 2013 Mu Iota Upsilon
Other Campus Activities: Glee Club
Favorite Artist: Sublime

Senator: Shiheem Jones - SJ89@LIVE.DELHI.EDU
Major: Electrical Controls
Pledged: Fall 2013 Tau Kappa Epsilon
Other Campus Activities: Computer Club and Campus Voice
Favorite Artist: Eminem

Alternate Senator: Charlie Bennett - CB125@LIVE.DELHI.EDU
Major: Criminal Justice
Pledged: Fall 2013 Lambda Iota Upsilon
Other Campus Activities: CADI
Favorite Sports Team: Boston Celtics

Advisor: Bari Lisa Marshall
Major: B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Education through The University at Albany
Pledged: Fall 2007 Alpha Phi Omega, Inducted into Kappa Delta Pi, the National Education Honor Society in Spring 2009
Other Campus Activities: Advisor to SPB, Advisor to Bronco's Fynest, Personal Safety Committee, Beautification Committee, BroncoCheck Committee
Favorite Music: Queen, Elvis Presley, Jay-Z and Britney Spears

Student Activities

222 Farrell Student
and Community Center

P: 607-746-4565
F: 607-746-4342


Bari Lisa Marshall 
Greek Life Advisor

219 Farrell Student
and Community Center

P: 607-746-4841


Recognized Greek Organizations

ΔΩE - Delta Omega Epsilon (DOE)
KΣE - Kappa Sigma Epsilon (KSE)
ΛAΥ - Lambda Alpha Upsilon (LAU)
ΛIΥ - Lambda Iota Upsilon (LIU)
TΔΧ - Tau Delta Chi (TDX)
TKE - Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE)
TRI  - Tri-Atelier Fraternity (Tri-At)

BΔE - Beta Delta Epsilon (BDE)
- Zeta Delta Tau (ZDT)
KΩI - Kappa Omega Iota (KOI)
MIΥ - Mu Iota Upsilon (MIU)
OΞΩ - Omicron Xi Omega (OXO)
ΣΩE - Sigma Omega Epsilon (SOE)

Co-Ed Fraternities
BKΞ - Beta Kappa Xi (BKX)
ZΦΩ - Zeta Phi Omega (ZPO)
ΥΔE - Upsilon Delta Epsilon (UDE) 

Last Updated: 10/31/14