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Why Go Greek?

Being part of the recognized SUNY Delhi Greek Life community is about belonging to something bigger than yourself.   Below are some testimonials from our student leaders that decided to go Greek.  Please take a moment to read what they have to say!


"Greek Life has made me into a more confident person; it pushed my comfort zone to make me a better leader.  Since crossing in Spring 2012, I have learned things about myself I didn't know existed.  I have welcomed responsibility, become more open minded and matured.  I would encourage my fellow peers to get into Greek Life because it automatically makes your more involved with your campus and makes you feel part of the community."

-Naiquajha Pryor President, Beta Delta Epsilon and Greek Council Secretary


"As a commuter student, going Greek was one of the best decisions I ever made. Finding a group of individuals that I consider both my friends and family, helped me become more comfortable with myself. I am under the firm assumption that my Greek Letters don't make me any better than anyone else, they've made me better than who I used to be."

-Jacob Scully Assistant Pledge Master, Zeta Phi Omega and Greek Council Alternative Senator 


"College life can be intimidating and finding your niche in the campus community can be a challenge.  I never thought I would find a home away from home in a fraternity, however after I spoke with some brothers and attended several rush events, I began to see that Tau Delta Chi was more than just a stereotypical Greek organization.  After crossing in the Spring of 2011, I have gone beyond what I thought I was capable of; my fraternity has given me the tools necessary to succeed as a leader.  I credit the organization with giving me the strength and confidence to become the current Student Senate President.

-Ray Barber Tau Delta Chi, President and Student Senate President


"I pledged for Omicron Xi Omega in Spring 2012.  Going Greek was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  When I first came to SUNY Delhi, I was shy and had a small group of friends.  After hanging out with the current sisters, my roommate and I were hooked.  Pledging not only helped me make lifelong friends, but it made me more confident and outgoing.  It allowed me to grow as a person.  I never knew I had the potential to be a strong leader until I became a sister of OXO.  Membership made me comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people and allowed me to feel at home here at SUNY Delhi.  No matter what organization you pledge, you will create a family of people you'll never forget.  I can honestly say that being in an organization has shaped me into the confident, loyal, outgoing and strong person I am today.  If you get the chance, GO GREEK!"

-Cristina Donato President, Omicron Xi Omega and Greek Council Vice President


"I went Greek because I longed for a sense of brotherhood and family away from home.  When I met some of the active brothers, I observed how involved they were on campus and saw an opportunity to follow in their footsteps.  Once I became a brother of Delta Omega Epsilon in Fall 2010, I immediately became interested in leadership roles, taking on the position of treasurer.  That lead me to apply as a Resident Assistant and eventually become President of DOE and a Senior Resident Assistant in O'Connor Hall.  After graduation, I accepted the position of Student Activities Program Assistant at SUNY Delhi; having a familiarity with campus life has helped me excel at this position.  Membership in Greek organizations will give you skills that will help you foster and cultivate a career post college.

 -Luis Pelegrin Delta Omega Epsilon alumni and Student Activities Program Assistant


 "After pledging for Zeta Phi Omega in the fall of 20120, I knew that going Greek was one of the best decisions I could have made.  Not only did it help with establishing a network of both family and friends on campus, it made me become more involved with various activities that took place on campus.  It also afforded me the opportunity to get more involved with my major.  Since I joined, I have been able to obtain multiple Teaching Assistant positions and become Hospitality Student of the Month.  Additionally, going Greek has allowed me to become more involved off-campus through community service opportunities."

-Deana Monteleon President, Zeta Phi Omega
















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Recognized Greek Organizations

ΔΩE - Delta Omega Epsilon (DOE)
KΣE - Kappa Sigma Epsilon (KSE)
ΛAΥ - Lambda Alpha Upsilon (LAU)
ΛIΥ - Lambda Iota Upsilon (LIU)
TΔΧ - Tau Delta Chi (TDX)
TKE - Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE)
TRI  - Tri-Atelier Fraternity (Tri-At)

BΔE - Beta Delta Epsilon (BDE)
- Zeta Delta Tau (ZDT)
KΩI - Kappa Omega Iota (KOI)
MIΥ - Mu Iota Upsilon (MIU)
OΞΩ - Omicron Xi Omega (OXO)
ΣΩE - Sigma Omega Epsilon (SOE)

Co-Ed Fraternities
BKΞ - Beta Kappa Xi (BKX)
ZΦΩ - Zeta Phi Omega (ZPO)
ΥΔE - Upsilon Delta Epsilon (UDE) 

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