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Connect to DELHI-SECURE with an Android Tablet

Connecting your Android Tablet to DELHI-SECURE

1.      Open ‘Settings’

android tablet

2.      Tap ‘DELHI-SECURE’

android tablet

3.      Enter your username in the 'Identity' box and your password, then tap ‘Connect’


Faculty & Staff:

 android tablet

4.      Look for the notification on the screen, tap the notification and then choose which web browser to open.

android tablet

5.      The browser will now open asking you to register your device

           - Enter a description (ex: laptop, iPhone, tablet etc.)

            -Tap ‘Register’

android tablet

6.      This will redirect you to a screen noting that your device has been registered.

android tablet

7.      Please return to the Wi-Fi screen.

8.  IMPORTANT: You MUST turn your Wi-Fi OFF and back ON to complete the process.

android tablet

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Service Center/Help Desk
From On-Campus: x4835
From On-Campus:: 607-746-4835



Last Updated: 2/22/16