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Can a faculty or staff member use their personal computer on the campus network?

Faculty/Staff personal computer use on the campus network...

 All computers pose a certain amount of risk to the campus network. Campus owned computers run software to minimize that risk. Since we cannot install that software on privately owned computers, we must require that you run similar software and, for both security and legal reasons, limit your access to certain campus resources.

In accordance with the campus Computer and Network Policy, Section II, item 7, privately owned computers must be “certified” to run on the administrative side of the campus network (computers access the residence hall network and wireless resources under a different security procedure). To pass this certification, the computer must be fully operational and have:

Privately owned computers meeting these requirements will have access to the internet via the campus network. Due to security and legal restraints, privately owned computers cannot be used to access shared drives, printing resources or the Banner student information system. If the computer will be used in a campus office, a Technology HelpDesk request should be made to have a port activated after certification.

Certifications are performed by Campus Technology Services staff on a time available basis. Most computers can be turned around in one to two business days. A recertification date will be set based on the expiration date of your antivirus software.

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Last Updated: 2/22/16