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Track an email message

How do I track a message

Our new email system has a neat feature that allows you to track your own messages when there is an issue to see if the issue was on our side. Attached is the screen shot of where to find the delivery reports feature. Once you are logged into your email... Select 'Options' from the top right corner (under your name) Select 'See All options...' Once the options 'Organize E-mail' from the left navigation bar Select 'Delivery Reports' from the menu across the top You should have 'Search for messages I've sent to' selected, click on 'Select Users' Enter the address of the person you are looking for and click 'OK' (this should enter the name\address in the box from the previous step) Click 'Search' Double click the message that you are trying to track If it has a message that indicates it was "successfully delivered" you are all set. If the recipient didn't receive the message and the delivery report has a message that says "The message was successfully handed off to a different email system. This is as far as we can track it."  then the recipient needs to check on their side. If the message is different than the two mentioned above and you are unsure what to do please contact the Help Desk.



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Last Updated: 2/22/16