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Wireless Internet Access in the Residence Halls

Wireless Internet Access is available 24/7 in main areas, conference rooms, classrooms and residence quarters of all buildings on the Main Campus.  Wireless access is also available on the Valley Campus in Decker Auto Lab, Delhi Campus Child Care, Dairy Barn and Turf Center.  No cables are necessary, and no dialup or ISP is required.  Students can browse the web, research academic projects, send and receive email, etc. Access points have been strategically placed throughout the halls to provide complete and maximum coverage in order to insure a constant and steady connection, even when moving between rooms.  For more information (including how to register your game console or device) visit 

Minimum Computer Requirements are

It is recommended that any PC or notebook should be running a fully functioning version of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, for their operating system. Connectivity for 802.11 b/g capable.  Macintosh computers will work on Delhi's Bronco Wireless wireless network but please be advised, however, that service support (diagnosis) for Macintosh computers on campus is limited. Suggested hardware minimum requirements; Pentium IV processor running at 2 GHz or higher, with 1 GB RAM. Notebooks must have a built in adapter or an open PCMCIA card slot, USB adapter and desktop computers must have a USB or internal wireless card available. It is important for students to bring their copy of the operating system software and other system disks for their computer to campus.

It is required that all computers connecting to Bronco Wireless have "Current - Up to Date" Antivirus Software installed.  Here are a few antivirus software vendors we suggest:

AVG (FREE and highly recommended)
Avast (also free)
Trend Micro

We recommend that prior to arriving at Delhi you take the following steps:

1) Update your antivirus software to the latest pattern.
2) Run a virus scan your computer to insure that you do not have a virus on your computer.
3) Perform a Microsoft Windows Update to install the latest critical security patches on your computer.

SUNY Delhi reserves the right to disconnect computers from the campus network if they are found to be infected with a computer virus.

How To access the Internet

o   Connect to SSID: ‘Bronco Wireless’ then open your browser

o    Enter your User Name and Password

o   Check box to accept the terms of SUNY Delhi’s Bronco Wireless Usage Policy
o   Click ‘Log-in’ -You will be redirected to the SUNY Delhi’s Bronco Wireless page and can then surf the Internet.

Usage Policies

Policies regarding Bronco Wireless, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and more are available at

Assistance Connecting to Bronco Wireless

Additional help will be available throughout the semester in Bush Hall Rm 316 or by phone at x4835.  For hours please see the Bronco Wireless home page.

Reminder – That all 2.4GHZ cordless telephones and other devices interfere with the wireless signal, so they are banned within the residence halls.

Last Updated: 2/22/16