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Bronco Wireless

Bronco Wireless Usage Policy

Bronco Wireless provides students living in the residence halls the ability to further their educational experience. The purpose of Bronco Wireless is to provide students access to the educational resources on the Internet. It is the responsibility of every subscriber using Bronco Wireless to comply with applicable laws, regulations and SUNY Delhi policies. Non-compliance with policies set forth herein, will result in immediate termination of Bronco Wireless service. Additionally, disciplinary action may be taken and/or notification of the appropriate authorities (local, state or federal).

Any user connected through a wireless connection to Bronco Wireless, agrees to the terms and conditions of the Bronco Wireless Network Usage policies and all other SUNY Delhi policies. Below is a list of inappropriate actions that will result in the immediate termination of Bronco Wireless services.

The Bronco Wireless network is monitored and violators of SUNY Delhi and Bronco Wireless policies will be denied service and referred to the appropriate authority. Violators may also be liable for any associated costs.

SUNY Delhi reserves the right to revise Bronco Wireless policies at any time.

Last Updated: 2/22/16