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CADD 170: Manufacturing Processes

CADD170: Manufacturing Processes

Research Workshop, Smith 107
February 5, 2013  12:30-1:45pm
Steve Dixon -

Chain Drive                      
Close-up shot of chain drives that power
the bike developed by Steve Christini is
shown Sept. 1, 2004, in Philadelphia.
Christini is working on a all-wheel-drive
system that would give bikes a better
bite on slippery and uneven surfaces,
making them safer to ride.
from AP/Multimedia Archive

Da Vinci
Manoscritto L, foglio 11 v. L. Da Vinci (1452-1519)

Before using any information source, particularly the Internet, it is good to evaluate the quality of the source. 
Here is a guide that can help you do that: 



What's the Web Good For?

1.  Company/Manufacturers' Product Information

gear wheels
Gear wheels for transmissions are manufactured by worker Rudiger Scharfe on the production floor
of the New Venture Gear manufacturing plant in the eastern German town of Roitzsch in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, north of Leipzig,
Wednesday, June 21, 2000. The American enterprise New Venture Gear Inc. (NVG) from Troy, Michigan, invested $90 millions into
it's first European production site. About 300,000 gear transmissions for four-wheel drive cars are planned to be manufactured by
NVG-Roitzsch every year.  AP Photo/Eckehard Schulz

ThomasNet (formerly Thomas Register)
-Database of industrial products produced by manufacturers and distributors (over 650,00 as of January 2012) grouped within 67,000 (as of January 2012) industrial categories. 
-Detailed specifications, CAD drawings
-Links to web sites and company catalogs
Thomas Register

-Engineering Search Engine
-Database of manufacturers and products
-Find and compare products from more than 17,000 online catalogs

-Major Distributor of over 480,000 products
-Detailed illustrations and descriptions
-Easily Searchable

Boston Gear
-Global supplier of transmission products
-Online Product Selector
-Over 240,000 3D CAD Drawings

2.  Patents

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
-Sophisticated searching tool for products, inventors, companies
-Online specifications and drawings
-Patents often include links to valuable research articles
-Weekly uploads of new patent applications

Searching the Web and Beyond. . . .

1.  Finding documents on the web:

-Single Search Engines: Google, Yahoo
-Multiple Search Engines: Dogpile

-Some cool sites: or try this interactive vernier caliper
How It's Made (program from "The Science Channel")

2.  Finding images for presentations:
(be sure to ask permission to use images)
Image Search Tools: 
-Creative Commons
-Google Image Search
-Search by Drawing
-Yahoo Image Search

  Women Work
Women's Bureau women work as riveters at
the Lockheed Aircraft Corp., seen here at a
plant in Burbank, Calif., in 1943. AP Photo

Women at work 2
Riveter at work on Consolidated bomber,
Consolidated Aircraft Corp., Fort Worth,
Texas. Oct. 1942. Library of Congress


What's Beyond the Web?

1.  Published Articles in Trade and Research Journals

Academic Search Complete
Search through millions of articles in over 12,000 periodicals
Manufacturing innovations, industry trends, company news
Most published 1990 or later
Many articles available full text online
Can email/download or print articles

(Relevant Journals in Academic Search Premier: Control Engineering, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Plastics Technology, Medical Design Technology, Manufacturing Engineer, Computer-Aided Engineering, Machine Design, Automotive Engineer, Design News, Electronic Design, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology, Pollution Engineering.)

Search hints: Use keyword searches, use wildcards to retrieve variant spellings/words:

* for unlimited characters, ! for singular/plural, ? for one character


2.  Films and Video Clips

-Films on Demand - Streaming video in the humanities, social sciences, and technical education

-You Tube - An open-submission worldwide video service


Other Resources

APA Citation Guides
Resnick Library
Purdue University

Citing Your Sources (from Resnick Library)
Plagiarism Guide (from Resnick Library)


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