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Research Article Assignment

The Library Research Assignment (Research Article)

In order to gain experience in locating and evaluating veterinary science information, all students enrolled in the VETS 180 course are required to write a Research Article on a topic related to the anatomy and/or physiology of an animal.  This article can be a "guide" to assist potential clients in caring for an animal, usually in reference to a particular condition, but should contain information that would be considered "unique" or not freely available in basic Veterinary guides. It should be written in a style so that it could actually be submitted for publication in a general Veterinary Science magazine, such as Veterinary Technician.  Here are two examples that contain information close to what is expected: example 1, example 2.

-Research Article Assignment Steps:

1.  Sign up for a topic and a Research Workshop time. 
Use this link to sign up for a Research Workshop:  (Please write your topic in the "My Comments" box)
2.  On Vancko Hall, read through the tutorial; containing an Introduction and 4 units; and successfully complete the quizzes at the end of each of the 4 units. (Successful completion means getting a score of 5 out of 6 correct, and you may take each quiz up to 5 times.)
3.  Attend a Research Workshop on the day you signed up for. (The quizzes on Vancko Hall should be completed before attending.) 
4.  Complete and turn in the assignment by the due date.  (See Research Article Timeline for specific dates.)

-Research Article Assignment Requirements:

1.  The article must be current, accurate, clear and concise. Visual appeal; including the use of graphics, is important.
2.  The Research Article must include information from at least 6 sources, of which 3 must come from scholarly veterinary journals, and no more than 2 can be general web sites.
3.  The article must include a list of unique or special terms with their definitions that will help the reader to better understand your research.  (See examples in Veterinary Technician
4.  The actual text of the Research Article should be at least 2-3 double-spaced/printed pages (500 words).  However, this may vary, depending on spacing and use of graphics. 
5.  The article must include a bibliography/list of references that properly cite your sources of information (The bibliography does not count toward the page and/or word requirement).  

Hint:  As you work on your Research Article, you should maintain a running list of citations for information sources you have used. You will need to link any facts you use in your information sheet back to the source where you got that fact. For more information about citing your sources, check out our MLA and APA citation guides.


The Research Article is worth 30 points, or approximately 10% of your total grade. Those 30 points are broken up as follows:

Successful completion of Quizzes (through Vancko Hall) - 5 points
Attendance at Research Workshop - 5 points
Final Project - 20 points
   -Accuracy and appropriateness of Information (10 points)
   -References (5 points)
   -Grammar (Spelling, Wording) (3 points)
   -Style, layout, and overall appearance (2 points) 

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