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Grammar Presentation

Grammar Assignment

Each of you must sign up to make a presentation to the class on one of the aspects of grammar or punctuation listed below.  (The signup sheet will be passed around in class on Monday, February 1st.)  Your goal is to teach the class the rules related to the topic you sign up for, and you should be prepared to answer questions from you classmates on that topic. 


1.  You can give the presentation by yourself or with a classmate, depending upon the topic.  Those topics that can involve two students are designated by a (2).

2.  The presentation should last 15 minutes.  (If you are presenting with another student, the presentation should last 20 minutes.)

3.  You must prepare two separate handouts to distribute to the class:
     (1) A handout that describes the topic and lists clear examples of problems associated with it, and
     (2) An exercise sheet with at least ten related examples for the class to complete.  For example, if you choose the topic of "run-on sentences," your exercise sheet would consist of ten run-on sentences the class would correct.

I must approve your handouts before you distribute them in class.  If you bring a handout that I haven't approved and/or there are errors on it, your grade will be dramatically lowered.  Be sure to allow plenty of time for me to approve your handout.  (In other words, don't expect me to approve it right before class.  It would be wise to have the handout ready for me to approve several days before your presentation.)

Note:  I will make copies of your handouts for the class if you get them to me at least one day (24 hours) before class time.  If you choose to make copies yourself, bring 25 copies. 

4.  You must give your presentation in class on the day listed on the sign-up sheet. 


Presentation Topics

From the text:
     -Subjects and Verbs (2)
     -Adjectives and Adverbs
     -Verb Tense (2)
     -Subject-Verb Agreement (2)
     -Sentence Types
     -Run-on Sentences
     -Sentence Fragments
     -Pronouns (2)
     -Commas, Colons, and Semi-Colons
     -Apostrophes and Quotation Marks
     -Numbers and Abbreviations
     -Word Choice (2)
     -Misplaced or Dangling Modifiers

Common errors:
     -Its/It's and Whose/Who's
     -Than/Then and Your/You're

Grading will be based upon your adherence to the requirements listed above, especially the effectiveness of your presentation.  Be creative!  You can use the Internet, PowerPoint, posters, videos, dvds, etc.  Access to an overhead projector or projection screen will be provided if requested. 

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