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Research Essay Assignment

Research Essay Assignment
Fall 2015 - MW 5-6:15

Each of you is required to write a research essay on a topic of your choice. This topic should be something that answers a question of interest to you. It is not to simply be a report on a topic.

The essay should be composed of four sections:

1. Introduction
2. Body
3. Conclusion
4. References

The Introduction should contain a description of your topic and should conclude with a thesis statement. The thesis statement states the main point of your essay.

The Body of your paper should contain the development of your topic. You should quote from or paraphrase sources of information (books, articles, web sites) that support your thesis. Individual paragraphs within the body should focus on specific points. The paragraphs should flow together in a logical order.

The Conclusion of your paper should contain statements describing how your research has supported your thesis, and should include an appropriate summary. The conclusions you reach will be based upon your research findings, and may contain suggestions as to how further research might continue in your topic.

The References section should contain a list of references used in your paper. In listing your references, you may use either MLA or APA style, but you must be consistent. (The library has guides showing you both of these styles.)  Additionally, after each reference, you need to include a 2-3 sentence summary of why you used that reference in your research.

Requirements and Grading:

The essay should contain at least 6 references, including:
-at least 1 book
-at least 3 magazine or journal articles, and
-no more than 2 web sites.

Remember that, in research essays, the conclusions you reach should be based upon what you find in the research and not your own opinion. In that respect, this paper will be different from all other papers written for this class.
The individual sections of the paper do not need to be individually labeled, with the exception of the References section.

Your grade for this assignment will be based largely upon the development of your topic, but will also be based upon clarity, flow, style, and upon all the topics used in the grammar presentations. Additionally, your final grade for this assignment will be based upon your adherence to the dates where preliminary work is due, including the submission of a research topic, an outline and thesis statement, and rough draft. (Therefore, if you submit the research paper without some or all of the preliminary work, you should expect to receive a low grade.)

The research essay, with the references, should be 6 typed or printed pages, (Double-spaced, no larger than 12-point print, with 1-inch margins), and is due at the beginning of class on Monday, November 23.

Important Dates:

1. You must submit the tentative topic of your paper to me by Monday, October 17. I will then approve/disapprove your topic and give you suggestions if needed.

2. Two class periods, Wednesday and Monday, October 21 and 26, will be devoted to doing library research for your paper. We will meet in the library's computer lab, Bush 302, during those periods.

3. You must also submit an outline of your paper to me by Monday, November 2, listing the main points as well as a working thesis statement.

4. You are then required to turn in a draft copy of your essay to me on Monday, November 16. This rough draft will be returned to you in class on Wednesday, November 18. 

5. The final paper will be due at the beginning of class on Monday, November 22.


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