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ENGL 100 - Freshman Composition
Fall 2010 - MWF 9:00 - 9:50am
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Steve Dixon
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This course is designed to prepare you for the types of writing you will be required to do over the course of your academic career and into your professional life. Specifically, it is designed to help you develop skills in critical reading and writing; and to improve your ability to articulate your own positions and ideas and think analytically.


Your final grade will be based upon the percentage listed next to each assignment or item. (Detailed information will be given in class for each major assignment.)
-Major Essay "The Giver" (10%)
-Grammar Presentation (10%)
-Research Essay (20%)
-Autobiographical Essay (20%)
-Other assigned writings or assignments (includes in-class writing assignments and short essays) (30%)
-Class Participation (includes attendance, attitude, and participation in class discussions and activities) (10%)


Hall, Donald; Emblen, D. L. A Writer's Reader. (9th ed.) New York: Longman, 2001.
Langan, John; Goldstein, Janet M. English Brushup. (4th ed.) Boston, MA: McGraw Hill, 2006.
Lowry, Lois. The Giver. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, 1993.


ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to be on time and prepared for each class. Tardiness (coming to class after the assigned start time) will be considered disruptive behavior. Two tardies will be considered the same as one absence. Make up assignments will only be given with a documented excuse, (e.g. signed note from doctor). It is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor in a timely manner as to the nature of the absence. If a student is absent it is the student's responsibility to find out what went on in class. Assignments are due regardless of lack of attendance.

CHEATING: Rewording someone else's information and presenting it as your own, using ideas of others without proper documentation, copying another person's work without proper documentation, or failure to use quotation marks when copying text is considered plagiarism. Students found plagiarizing work will receive an "F" for this course.

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS: Homework or essay assignments turned in after the due date (at the beginning of class) will be marked off 1 letter grade. No assignments may be turned in more than 1 week late. No work for the course will be accepted after Monday, December 14.

OUTSIDE HELP: Please make every effort to see the instructor for additional help if, at any time, you feel you need some further clarification or review of the subject matter.



-August 30 (M)
-In-class writing

-September 1 (W)
-Introduction (cont.)
-Reading: "A Hanging" by George Orwell. (Pgs. 479-483 in A Writer's Reader)
-In-class exercise/writing

-September 3 (F)
-In-class exercise/writing

-September 6 (M)
-Short Essay Due (Parents, Values)
-Introduction to Writing - Style, Form
-Reading: "Introduction" (Pgs. 1-16 in English Brushup)
-Discussion of Grammar Assignment/Presentation

-September 8 (W)
-Introduction to Writing - Style, Form (cont.)
-In-class exercise/writing

September 10 (F)
-Reading: "Just Walk On By" by Brent Staples (Pgs. 535-538 in A Writer's Reader)
-In-class exercise/writing

-September 13 (M)
-Reading: "I Stand Here Ironing" by Tillie Olsen. (Pgs. 470-477 in A Writer's Reader)
-In-class exercise/writing
-Grammar Presentation:
  Subjects and Verbs

-September 15 (W)
-Reading: "My Father's Life" by Raymond Carver. (Pgs. 97-104 in A Writer's Reader)
-In-class exercise/writing
-Grammar Presentation:
  Adjectives and Adverbs

-September 17 (F)
-Discussion of the Major Essay Assignment for "The Giver"
-Grammar Presentation:
  Verb Tense

-September 20 (M)
-Short essay due: "Parents/Values"
-Reading: The Giver Chapters 1-5
-In-Class exercise/writing
-Grammar Presentation:
  Subject-Verb Agreement

-September 22 (W)
-Reading: The Giver Chapters 6-10
-In-Class exercise/writing
-Grammar Presentation:
  Sentence Types

-September 24 (F)
-Reading: The Giver Chapters 11-15
-In-Class exercise/writing
-Grammar Presentation:
  Run-on Sentences

-September 27 (M)
-Reading: The Giver Chapters 16-19
-In-Class exercise/writing
-Grammar Presentation:
  Sentence Fragments

-September 29 (W)
-Short essay due: Issues in "The Giver"
-Reading: The Giver Chapters 20-23
-In-class quiz/writing
-Grammar Presentation:

-October 1 (F)
-Major Essay Due: "The Giver"
-In-class quiz/writing

-October 4 (M)
-In-class reading/writing
-Grammar Presentation:
-October 6 (W)
-Reading: "Helping and Hating the Homeless" by Peter Marin (Pgs. 404-418 in A Writer's Reader)
-In-class reading/writing
-Grammar Presentation:
  Apostrophes/Quotation Marks

-October 8 (F)
-Grammar Presentations:
  Sentence Fragments 
-Discussion of the "Research Essay" Major Essay Assignment

-October 11 (M)
-Fall Break - No Class

-October 13 (W)
-In-class writing/quiz
-Grammar Presentations:
  Commas, Colons, and Semi-Colons
-Discussion of the "Research Essay" Major Essay Assignment (cont.)

-October 15 (F)
-Short Essay Due: Misunderstood Social Issues
-Grammar Presentation:
  Numbers and Abbreviations
  Word Choice

-October 18 (M)
-Proposed Research Paper topics due
-Reading: "The Town Dump" by Wallace Stegner (Pgs. 552-557 in A Writer's Reader)
-In-class quiz/writing
-Grammar Presentation:
  Misplaced or Dangling Modifiers

-October 20 (W)
-In-class quiz/writing
-Grammar Presentation:
-Discussion of the "Autobiographical Essay" Major Essay Assignment

-October 22 (F)
-Short Essay Due: "Another Man's Junk"
-Grammar Presentations:
  Its/It's and Whose/Who's
  Than/Then and Your/You're

-October 25 (M) - Meet in Bush 226
-Library Research
-Reading: "Salvation" by Langston Hughes (Pgs. 321-323 in A Writer's Reader)

-October 27 (W) - Meet in Bush 226
-Library Research
-Short essay due: "Religious Upbringing"
-In-class quiz/writing

-October 29 (F) - Meet in Bush 226
-Library Research
-In-class quiz/writing

-November 1 (M)
-Reading - "The Importance of Touch" by Diane Ackerman (Pgs. 10-17 in A Writer's Reader)
-Research Paper outline with Thesis Statement due
-In-class quiz/writing

-November 3 (W)
-In-class quiz/writing

-November 5 (F)
-Reading - "Civil Disobedience" by Henry David Thoreau (Pgs. 595-613 in A Writer's Reader)
-In-class quiz/writing

-November 8 (M)
-Reading - "Civil Disobedience" by Henry David Thoreau (Pgs. 595-613 in A Writer's Reader)
-In-class exercise

-November 10 (W)
-In-class exercise/writing

-November 12 (F)
-Short essay due: "What would you do if you were drafted?"
-In-class exercise/writing

-November 15 (M)
-Draft copy of Research Essay Due
-In-class exercise/writing

-November 17 (W)
-Reading - "On Food and Happiness" by Charles Simic (Pgs. 520-525 in A Writer's Reader)
-Discussion of Research Essay draft copies
-In-class exercise/writing

-November 19 (F)
-Short essay due: "On Food and Happiness"
-In-class exercise/writing

-November 22 (M)
-Research Essay Due
-In-class exercise/writing

-November 24 (W)
-No Class - Thanksgiving Break

-November 26 (F)
-No Class - Thanksgiving Break

-November 29 (M)
-Reading - "A Native Hill" by Wendell Berry (Pgs. 42-51 in A Writer's Reader)
--In-class reading/exercise

-December 1 (W)
Short essay due: "My Hometown"
-In-class reading/exercise

-December 3 (F)
-Draft Copy of Autobiographical Essay due
-In-class quiz/writing

-December 6 (M)
-Reading - "The Library Card" by Richard Wright (Pgs. 679-687 in A Writer's Reader)
-In-class reading/exercise

-December 8 (W)
-Short essay due: "Overcoming Barriers"
-Discussion of Draft Copies of Autobiographical Essays
-In-class reading/exercise

-December 10 (F)
-Class evaluation
-In-class quiz/writing

-December 15 (Wednesday, 9:00 am)
-Autobiographical Essay Due

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