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Good News: with the new email system you will now be able to access all the features of your mailbox through any browser that supports HTML 3.2 and ECMA. This includes Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Chrome, and other Web browsers on computers that run UNIX, Apple Macintosh, or Microsoft Windows.

Enhancements: Easy calendar sharing, Ability to print work day or any part of any day in the calendar, Ability to remove attachments before sending, Easily insert a picture into the body of an email, Group emails by conversation, You can set :Bcc to be available all the time...

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Email  Email Tutorials

Create a Message: Basics on creating email messages.
Contacts and Groups: How to create, use and manage contacts and groups.
Conversation View: Learn how to group emails as conversations.
Options for Changing Account Settings: How to customize your account.
Out of Office Reply: How to setup automatic replies.
Search for an Item: How to search your email.
Attachments: How to attach documents etc. to your emails. See more information about mail limits including attachments.
Inbox Rules: How to automatically do things with emails when they land in your inbox.
Calendar  Calendaring Tutorials

You can use the wizard below for directions or simply enter the Exchange ActiveSync server name as:



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Last Updated: 4/18/13