CAPP Reports

CAPP Reports

What is CAPP?

The SUNY Delhi Curriculum Advising and Program Planning (CAPP) is a tool for students to track courses in progress and help determine which courses are still required for their program. The CAPP report helps as students work with their advisors on creating a course schedule.

What Can CAPP Do?

The CAPP report is an individual reflection on all things academic. It contains all of a student's academic information. CAPP provides an at-a-glance visualization of the student's progress towards their degree and graduation. Students should use CAPP to help determine their:

  • Program Requirements
  • College Requirements
  • General Requirements
  • Exam Completions

CAPP reports also include your GPA information, your credit hour count, and shows you how in-progress courses are being used toward your degree. Your CAPP report will also include your expected graduation date, catalog term, and any courses that were not used towards your degree.

Thinking about changing majors? Another feature allows students the ability to see how your current and completed coursework may apply towards any of the programs offered at SUNY Delhi.

How to Use CAPP

CAPP is accessed through Bronco Web. Within Bronco Web, you are able to run a CAPP report anytime: Use these step-by-step instructions to run a degree evaluation (pdf).

Potential CAPP Issues

  • Missing the Orientation/Freshman Seminar course: If the student changed majors and the requirement was completed under a different subject heading OR the student is a transfer student and it is not necessary for them to complete this requirement, the student will need to discuss the possibility of a substitution or waiver with their Advisor.
  • If the student was an associate's degree student who transferred to a bachelor's degree program, there is a chance that all Level 1 course work from the associate's degree program may not have been applied to Level 2. If there are required courses that the student completed that are not displaying on the CAPP Degree Evaluation, please contact the Registrar's Office and it will be researched.
  • Failure to enroll in a course at the appropriate level (lower level: 100-299; upper level: 300-999).
  • Failure to meet General Education Requirements: Please note that if the student has "double dipped," it will say that the General Education Area is "not met." However, if all the General Education Groups have notations of "yes" next to them, then the General Education Requirements are considered satisfied.
  • Liberal Arts majors - the elective group may say it is "met," however, to make sure that you have completed the appropriate number, please check the Area/Major to see if the number of credits has, indeed, been "met."
  • Every Group appears to be "met" but the student does not have a GPA of 2.0.
  • All students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 to graduate.