Vehicle Information

Vehicle Information

Procedures for Requesting a Motor Pool Vehicle for Travel

To request a vehicle please follow these four easy steps:

  1. Log in to the EMS program. A link can be found on the Staff and Faculty web page. You will use your login name and password that you use to log in to your computer (less the
  2. You will web request a vehicle through the EMS scheduling system. On that form you will fill in the dates, times, Supervisors name, and the approved drivers name(s).
  3. When your Web request is received, it will be sent to your supervisor for approval via an e-mail.
  4. Once Facilities receives an approval back from your supervisor, your request will be approved, your request will be processed, and the Vehicle Use Confirmation will be sent to the approved driver listed on the reservation. If there are multiple vehicles and drivers each driver will receive a confirmation. You can view your web request status under the My Events button in EMS.

**The Web Request should be submitted at least one week prior to the date the vehicle is requested.

Picking up your requested vehicle for your trip

** The Vehicle Use Confirmation Includes the Pickup Check list and the Return Check list.

  1. The approved driver will take the Vehicle Use Confirmation to University Police to pick up the keys and gas card. Preferred pick up times are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. ** If you need the vehicle earlier (i.e. Pick up the night before, for an early departure) Your Vehicle Use Confirmation must have the correct time on it.
  2. The approved driver will need to leave a “Use of Vehicle Roster” form at University Police at the time the keys are picked up.
  3. Before beginning the trip, the driver should complete the “Pickup Check List” on the Vehicle Use Confirmation Any deficiencies should be noted and explained on the form.
  4. The Driver must return the vehicle within the authorized time listed on the Confirmation.
  5. When returning from the trip, fill the vehicle with fuel at the campus pump behind Wall Service Complex. The directions are on the pump. Return the car to the Motor Pool parking area (generally the Lower Lot). The driver should complete the “Return Check List” on the Vehicle Use Confirmation, and return keys, credit card and Vehicle Use Confirmation to University Police. Any deficiencies should be noted and explained on the form. DO NOT FUEL VEHICLE AT LOCAL GAS STATIONS!
  6. Credit card receipts must be retained and submitted with your Travel Voucher.

Please note that vehicles are supplied with garbage bags. Drivers are expected to return vehicles in reasonably clean condition. Faculty and staff are encouraged to involve students in cleaning up after themselves.

Any Questions about SUNY Delhi Fleet Vehicle use, Contact Virginia Bell @ 4010, or

Failure to follow procedures for use of motor pool vehicles or any intentional vehicle damage or damage resulting from misuse may result in charges to your department and/or revocation of your privilege to drive college owned vehicles.

Procedure for Use of Motor Pool Vehicle

Passenger Roster (pdf) (xls)