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Online Student Tips
Tip #1: Get started early! Get into your class as soon as possible, and spend some time looking around and getting to know how to work with the online tools.

Tip #2: Get to know your classmates. Most online classes feature online discussions and welcome message boards where you can meet other students and get to know them. It'll make the class easier and more fun if you interact with other students!

Tip #3: Stay focused. It's pretty easy when you're working on the internet to get distracted and end up shopping or chatting instead. Turn off unnecessary programs, get in a quiet place, perhaps wear headphones to keep out extraneous noises.

Tip #4: Communicate. Use the communication tools you have: email, messaging, discussion boards, Instant Messaging. Let the professor and other students know if you're having problems.

Tip #5: Manage time wisely. Set aside time each day for work on your course and stick to that time. Online learners need to be highly motivated and self-directed.












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