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Suffolk County Community College Partnership:  Stay Close, Go Far!

The State University of New York at Delhi and Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) are pleased to offer a joint Bachelor Degree program.  Through a unique partnership with Suffolk CCC, SUNY Delhi has developed inter-institutional programs designed to attract students interested in pursuing a baccalaureate degree in the Suffolk Area.  This option is ideal for students who have jobs, family, and other commitments that prevent them from enrolling in these programs directly on Delhi's campus.  The programs are designed to enable students to be matriculated directly through SUNY Delhi (either on campus at Suffolk or through the internet), with courses taught by faculty from the main campus as well as by joint faculty members from both institutions.  Additionally, alumni from corresponding SCCC’s associate degree programs are afforded the opportunity to begin the program with full junior status.

Programs currently offered at Suffolk CCC through SUNY Delhi include

Bachelors in Business Administration in Hospitality Management/Culinary Arts Management Concentration
SUNY Application Code: 1527

Bachelors in Business Administration in Hospitality Management - Online Program Only
SUNY Application Code: 2397

The Hospitality major is designed to provide hands-on practical training in all departmental functions of a restaurant. The program provides the training necessary to learn, develop and practice the skills and work habits needed to address and solve the complex and challenging issues experienced in today’s hospitality industry workplace. It addresses the development of management skills ranging from the creative area of marketplace data collection and analysis; to the lines level area of business establishment creation, reorganization, and problem solving. The capstone course Hospitality Management Seminar is taken in the senior year and applies the hands-on and theory based curriculum of the first two years to reality based case studies, discussions and projects.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Online Program Only 
SUNY Application Code: 2396

Under the leadership of Dr. Patricia DeAngelis, former District Attorney for Rensselaer County, the Criminal Justice Studies baccalaureate program combines theory with experiential learning.  The program is designed so that successful students will have a strong academic foundation that is needed to pursue a variety of career options in criminal justice. Program coursework covers topics in administration of justice, corrections, law adjudication, criminology theory, law enforcement, research and analytical methods. The program will focus on students who seek careers as police officers and investigators, as well as juvenile justice, probation or corrections officers, and those interested in other work within the justice system. Students will receive appropriate grounding in the social sciences and criminal justice fields needed for professional careers. Students entering the program with an associate's degree in criminal justice or a related field will experience a seamless transfer into the program.

BSN in Nursing - Online Program Only
SUNY Application Code: 2021

The RN to BSN program at SUNY Delhi provides educational mobility for registered nurses who are seeking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The curriculum is designed with the working registered nurse in mind and offers versatility and flexibility as the program is 100% online. Precepted practicum experiences for select courses are completed in the student's hometown area.  The program emphasizes critical thinking and practice skills necessary for clinical management of patients within a constantly changing health care environment. Questions? Contact


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Last Updated: 3/23/16