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Accepted Student Information
Congratulations on your Acceptance!

As an accepted student there are a number of steps you must take to ensure your enrollment at SUNY Delhi.  Please read the following information carefully.  Feel free to print off this page to use as a handy reference!

  1. Login to Bronco Web & Email
  2. Pay Your Deposit
  3. File a FAFSA
  4. Register for Accepted Student Day
  5. Reserve a Room
  6. Submit Final Transcript(s)
  7. Complete Health Form
  8. Waive Health Insurance
  9. Register Your Vehicle
  10. Attend Orientation
    Other Items & Important Dates

Accepted Student Checklist   Access Bronco Web & Delhi Email 

ACTION REQUIRED:  Login to Bronco Web and sign-in to your email account.


Accepted Student Checklist   Send in the required deposit 

          Payment options:

  1. Choose "Student Services and Financial Aid" tab
  2. Click on "Student Account" link
  3. Click on "QuikPay - Admission Deposit" link or
  4. Click on "QuikPay - Housing Deposit" link
  5. Select the term (based on term in which you are accepted into - ex. Fall 2014)
    Watch Demo Video!
    *Please Note:  If you are paying BOTH Admission deposit and Housing deposit, you will need to make two separate transactions.



Accepted Student Checklist   Apply for Financial Aid

ACTION REQUIRED:  File your FAFSA paperwork as soon as possible after January 1.


Accepted Student Checklist   Register for an Accepted Student Day (Fall enrollment only)

Accepted Student Days are a required program designed to help students prepare for enrollment for the fall semester at SUNY Delhi.  Accepted students will be asked to go online to select from a list of convenient dates to attend this program.  Parents and family members are welcome to attend.  The program will include:

You will receive an email reminder of your registration for an Accepted Student Day approximately one week prior to the program. 

ACTION REQUIRED: Watch your mail for an Accepted Student Brochure and follow the instructions to select a date to attend one of these mandatory programs.


Accepted Student Checklist   Reserve a Residence Hall Room 

ACTION REQUIRED:  Watch your mail for information on how to reserve your room on campus.


Accepted Student Checklist   Send us your final transcript(s)

ACTION REQUIRED:  Provide SUNY Delhi with all final, official high school and college transcripts before arriving on campus.


Accepted Student Checklist   Complete the Health Form

ACTION REQUIRED:  Download and complete the Health form prior to attending.


Accepted Student Checklist   Waive Health Insurance

ACTION REQUIRED:  Show proof of health insurance & waive insurance fee online.


Accepted Student Checklist   Register your vehicle online  

ACTION REQUIRED:  Register your vehicle online prior to orientation.


Accepted Student Checklist   Attend Orientation

ACTION REQUIRED: Attend Orientation and then start classes!


Accepted Student Checklist   If applicable, complete the Students with Disabilities Self Disclosure form

ACTION REQUIRED: If you have a physical or learning disability, complete and return the self disclosure form included with your acceptance letter.


Accepted Student Checklist  Important Dates

Fall - Apply for admissions:  Complete the application, provide school counselor with the transmittal form or application.  When accepted, pay the deposit to hold your spot in your major and send back applicable forms received from SUNY Delhi.
Winter - Apply for financial aid
Spring - Attend an Accepted Student Day Program.
Summer - Start Packing!
August 29 - August 31, 2014 - Attend Orientation
September 1, 2014 - Attend your first day of classes.  





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