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Admissions Forms

PDF Icon Petition for Readmission

Online Form Icon Supplemental Information Form
    If you have taken time off from your education, please submit this form.

PDF Icon Joint Admissions/Intent to Enroll
    This form is for associate degree candidates who are enrolled in a SUNY Joint
    Admissions Program.  Completing the form will satisfy your commitment to inform
    the four-year SUNY college of your intent to register.

PDF Icon Mid-term College Grade Form

PDF Icon Explanation of Six Semesters of Financial Aid Eligibility Form
    (For off-site students only - please see your advisor)

PDF Icon Academic Advisement / Graduation Requirements Form
    (For off-site students only - please see your advisor)

PDF Icon Self Disclosure Form 
    If you have been accepted for admission at SUNY Delhi and would like to register
    with Disabilities Services, please submit this form which was included in your
    acceptance packet.







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