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Financial Aid Forms

Click on the links below to download and print various financial aid forms. Completed forms may be faxed to SUNY Delhi at 607-746-4208, or mailed to us at 157 Bush Hall, 454 Delhi Drive, Delhi, NY 13753.

2016 -2017 Forms are now AVAILABLE

Approximately 30% of all FAFSA filers are selected for a process called verification.  Students selected are required to submit documentation to the Financial Aid Office before their financial aid can be processed.   If you are selected for verification, SUNY Delhi will e-mail you, at the e-mail  address you were assigned when you were accepted, indicating which verification worksheet you need to complete and submit to us.  We may also send requests for other important documentation to that e-mail address, so check it often. We will begin notifying Fall 2016 financial aid applicants in March. 

2016 - 2017 Verification Worksheets 

     2016 - 2017  DEPENDENT Verification Worksheet

     2016 - 2017  INDEPENDENT Verification Worksheet

Prior year Verification Worksheets (Currently enrolled students only)

PDF Icon 2015-2016 DEPENDENT Verification Worksheet

PDF Icon 2015-2016 INDEPENDENT Verification Worksheet


PDF Icon New York State Residence Review Questionnaire - Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) may request this form from you, the student.  If requested, you must complete the form and forward it to HESC at the address listed on the form, before your NYS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application can be processed. 

PDF Icon APTS - Matriculated New York state residents attending less than full time may apply to be considered for Aid for Part Time Study (APTS).  In addition to the application, student need to also submit a signed copy of their most recent NYS income tax return. Funding is limited and not all applicants qualify. 

PDF Icon Private Educational Loan Self-Certification Form


2015 - 2016 Special Circumstance Requests   

Academic Pursuit and Progress - Students receiving financial aid must meet a standard of academic progress (SAP) to continue receiving financial aid.  Eligibility for continued receipt of both federal and state financial aid is evaluated at the end of each semester.  The New York State Programs (including TAP) have separate and distinct academic progress rules from the federal programs. 

New York State Grants - Students who receive TAP are expected to make progress toward their degree and maintain a certain grade point average to remain eligible for TAP in a subsequent semester.  

The criteria is based on program level and when you received your first TAP award. The NYS rules are applicable only to the NYS programs, and should not be confused with the Academic Progress Standard for Federal Financial Aid Eligibility.  Click here for details

Students who fail to meet the standards for TAP SAP may submit a one-time written appeal based on mitigating circumstances.  A mitigating circumstance is an exceptional or unusual event(s) beyond the student's direct control, which contributed to or caused the academic difficulty.  Copies of supporting documentation should also be submitted.

   The letter should include:

 Additional documentation may be needed and will be requested once the letter has been reviewed.

Federal Financial Aid Programs - Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) for federal financial aid programs apply to students receiving Federal Title IV financial aid.  Federal Pell Grants, Direct Stafford Loans, and Direct PLUS Loans are Federal Title IV financial aid  Click here for details.

Students who fail to meet the standards will be placed on Financial Aid Warning status for one semester.  Students are expected to improve the standing by the end of the warning semester.

If the student has not returned to good standing (according to the Standard) by the end of the Financial Aid Warning semester, the student will lose eligibility for federal student aid from that point forward. 

Students who lose eligibility may appeal the decision based on mitigating circumstances by submitting a letter explaining the circumstances.

The letter should include:

 Additional documentation may be needed and will be requested once the letter has been reviewed.

Mitigating circumstances for federal aid and waiver requests for state aid may be submitted using a common letter as appropriate.  The letter should clearly indicate that the request is for both federal and state financial aid.

Scholarship Acceptance Form

Sign up for FAFSA Night for Returning Students



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SUNY Smart Track

All SUNY Delhi students, regardless of their financial situation, can benefit from the SUNY Smart Track Financial Literacy Website. Click on the Smart Track link and register to learn how to budget your money, understand credit before you use it and start to save money for an emergency fund.


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