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The Second Chance Scholarship
Sponsored by Warren O. Hill

Second Chance Scholarship Program
Sponsored by Warren O. Hill '60

The Second Chance Scholarship Program sponsored by Warren O. Hill ‘60 provides deserving, non-traditional students a second chance at a college education with performance incentives. Second Chance Scholars are individuals who, for a variety of reasons, did not attend or graduate from college immediately after high school.

This program is unlike a traditional scholarship. Awards to Second Chance Scholars are based on performance after the student finishes coursework—the higher the GPA, the greater the reward a student receives. Students can receive up to $1,500 each semester. This reward system has been proven to be a tremendous incentive for students and motivates them to work even harder.

The results? Second Chance Scholars will have grades higher than the college average. This leads to better academic performance and ultimately higher-quality job opportunities following graduation.



SUNY Delhi students who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for the Second Chance Scholarship.

Donor Recognition

Students are required to send a letter of thanks to their benefactor, Warren O. Hill, in care of the College Foundation at Delhi, Inc., Bush Hall – Room 171.


Scholar Acceptance Agreement

Students are required to sign a Scholarship Acceptance Agreement form, which stipulates agreement to the terms of receiving the scholarship award.


Deadline: May 19th - Application.


Selection Process

Scholars will be selected based on their academic performance, their backgrounds, obstacles they have had to overcome, overall goals, and why they feel they would be a good candidate for a Second Chance Award. The application must include an Eligibility Determination form, Scholarship Application, autobiographical summary statement of 500 words or less, two written letters of recommendation (1 academic, 1 personal) and a completed application checklist.


Scholarship Awards

The following chart shows the award levels based on the full-time student's grade point average for the semester:

Full-time Student (Minimum 12 earned credit hours)

Semester GPA Amount of Award
3.5 - 4.0* $1,250
3.0 - 3.49    $700
2.3 - 2.99    $200

*students with a 4.0 will receive a $250 bonus


Maximum available per student per year:  $3,000
Lifetime Cap:  4 semesters
Renewable: Scholarship is renewable each semester provided all terms continue to be met
Total Scholarships Available per year: Minimum 7, Max 30


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