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Thank you for your interest in SUNY Delhi.  Delhi's international students represent sixteen countries.  The college values their contributions to the academic and cultural life of the campus and honors them by displaying the flags of their respective countries in the center of campus.

Learn more about how to become a SUNY Delhi student today!  Review our academic programs, application procedures, and US immigration requirements for F-1 visa students.

Academic Information

There are several ways to explore the academic programs at SUNY Delhi.  Use the links below to get started:


International Student Guidelines

The International Student Handbook (pdf)
International Student Transfer Report (pdf)

The Online Application

How to Apply

Please be advised that due to the amount of paperwork that is required both by SUNY Delhi and the United States government, international applications and all corresponding paperwork must be received by SUNY Delhi at least one month prior to the start of each semester. 

To apply for admission to SUNY Delhi, the Office of Enrollment Services must receive the following information:

Form I-20 Information

The second type of information relates to the Form I-20 issuance process, which occurs after the student has been accepted. Please note that admissions decisions are not based upon immigration status. Once you are accepted, you will need a Form I-20 in order to obtain an F-1 Student Visa. A packet entitled “How to Obtain Your Form I-20" will help guide you through the process of obtaining an I-20 Form. In order for SUNY Delhi to issue a Form I-20 after acceptance, a tuition & housing deposit of $150 USD must be paid to the college.

Please note: A new fee has been issued by the US government for students who wish to obtain an F-1 visa. The fee is $100 USD, and it must be paid and fully processed before you arrive at the consulate for your visa interview. To find out more about this fee or pay it online, please visit: or

Please Contact

Erin White
Admissions Counselor
Office of Enrollment Services
State University of New York College of Technology
Delhi, New York 13753
(Tele) 607-746-4549
(Fax) 607-746-4104
















































Erin White
Admissions Counselor
P: 1-800-96DELHI
P: 1-607-746-4549
F: 1-607-746-4104

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