College Catalog Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Academic Policies

The Academic Policies Handbook (pdf) for Academic Programs and Services details policies below, among others, and is updated annually. Students are encouraged to see their academic advisors with any questions regarding academic policy.

Academic Advisors

Academic Computing

Academic Honesty

Academic Performance

Accommodations for Ethical Concerns

Attendance Policy

Changes of Curriculum (changing majors)

Classroom Expectations

Continuing Education Credit

Course Load

Credit by Examination

Credit by High School Articulation

Education Law 224-a (academic rights of students pertaining to religious belief)

FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974)

Final Exams

Grades and Grade Point Average

Graduation Confirmation

Leaves of Absence

Multiple Degrees

Placement Testing

Readmit/Reentry Process

Recognition of Academic Achievement

Registering for Courses

Repeating Courses

Requirements for Certificate, Associate, and Bachelor's Degree Programs

Student Complaints

Substitution or Waiver of Courses by advisement

Suspension or Expulsion from College

Transfer Credit (For applicants who have previously earned credits at another accredited institution and for SUNY Delhi students who will transfer credits back to complete Delhi degree requirements "in absentia.")

Withdrawal from Courses (not withdrawing from all courses)

Withdrawal from College (withdrawal from ALL courses)