College Catalog Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Environmental Studies - AS

The Instructional Program

The Environmental Studies AS degree program integrates rigorous training in the sciences with relevant social science courses and is designed primarily for students who plan to seek a bachelor's degree in the environmental or biological sciences. SUNY Delhi's location in New York City's Catskill Watershed provides students with a unique instructional setting and the opportunity for significant hands-on experience.

Minimum Requirements to be Considered for Admission


  • high school graduate with 75 high school GPA or 2500 GED test score
  • Algebra Regents: 73
  • Geometry Regents: 73
  • Biology Regents: 73
  • Chemistry Regents: 73

Transfer Student:

  • Transfer GPA: 2.0


SUNY Curriculum Code: 2009

SUNY General Education Requirements: Students who intend to receive AA, AS, or baccalaureate degrees must satisfy SUNY and campus General Education (GE) requirements to graduate. Students should be aware that GE requirements may vary by academic program. Consult with your academic advisor. For general information, see the "General Education" section of this catalog.

AAS and AOS degree students may not be required to fulfill General Education (GE) requirements; however, any student who may wish to transfer should complete as many GE courses as possible. Consult with your academic advisor.

Academic Requirements:

Minimum Total Credit Hours = 63

Major Courses Required - 35 credit hours

Course No. Course Cr.
BIOL ___ Biology course 1 by advisement 1 4
BIOL ___ Biology course 2 by advisement 1 4
BIOL 110 Environmental Issues and Sustainability 3
BIOL 140 Field Biology 4
BIOL 245 General Ecology (Lecture) 3
BIOL 246 General Ecology Lab 1
CHEM 120 Introductory Chemistry I 2  
CHEM 125 Introductory Chemistry 2 2 4
CHEM 180 General Chemistry I 2  
ENST 140 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 3
ENST 280 Environmental Studies Internship OR 3-4
BIOL 290 Independent Study in Biology  
MATH 115 Statistics 3
MATH 128 College Algebra 3  
MATH 150 Pre-Calculus 3 3
MATH 210 Calculus 1 3  

General Education/Liberal Arts Courses Required - 25 credit hours

Course No. Course Cr.
COMM 100 Public Speaking 3
ECON 110 Introductory Microeconomics 3
ENGL ___ Freshman Composition or Advanced Composition 4 3
GOVT 110 American Government 3
GOVT 130 World Affairs 3
HIST ___ Early American History or Modern American History  
  OR 3
HIST 104 History of American Technology  
HIST ___

World and Western Civilization 1 OR World and Western Civilization 2

  HUMN elective from GE 8 OR Literature elective from GE 7 3
UNIV ___ UNIV 100 Freshman Seminar OR UNIV 101 Student Success 1 or 3

Unrestricted Elective - 3 credit hours


1General Biology II is required by SUNYESF. Botany and Zoology may be substituted for General Biology I and II.

2Students must take CHEM 180 at Delhi for General Chemistry 1 credits at ESF.

3Students must complete Delhi's MATH 210 Precalculus or MATH 210 Calculus 1 to satisfy the math requirement at SUNY ESF.

4English is by placement according to competency.

Student Learning Outcomes

A graduate of the Environmental Studies AS program should be able to:

  • Explain current, complex environmental problems that face the region, nation, and world.
  • Explain the underpinnings of the economy, society, and environment in sustainable solutions to environmental problems.