College Catalog Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Golf and Sports Turf Management BBA

The Instructional Program

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program in Golf and Sports Turf Management is designed to prepare future management personnel for the growing number of golf courses in the region and the nation. Graduates of the program qualify for assistant managerial positions at various golf course and, after gaining sufficient experience, may become candidates for management positions in the golf course industry.

The program offers a well-balanced curriculum that includes courses specific to the major; as well as liberal arts, general business, and hospitality management theory and application.  The program also requires an extensive 15-week internship at an approved national or international internship site.

Delhi is the only college in the Northeast with an 18-hole golf course and athletic fields that serve as academic laboratories.

Minimum Requirements to be Considered for Admission 


  • high school graduate with 75 high school GPA or 2500 GED test score
  • Algebra Regents: 75
  • Two Science Regents: 75

SAT/ACT scores are not required, but an SAT score of 950 or better or an ACT score of 19 or better will be used as an indicator of success. An on-campus interview is strongly recommended.

Transfer Students:

  • Transfer GPA:  2.3 , and only grades of C or better in college course work will be accepted for transfer. See the "Academic Policies" section of the college catalog for further information about transfer credit.
  • mandatory on-campus interview

Previous study in golf course management is not required, but extra time may be needed to complete degree requirements.


SUNY Curriculum Code: 1508

SUNY General Education Requirements: Students who intend to receive AA, AS, or baccalaureate degrees must satisfy SUNY and campus General Education (GE) requirements to graduate. Students should be aware that GE requirements may vary by academic program. Consult with your academic advisor. For general information, see the "General Education" section of this catalog.

AAS and AOS degree students may not be required to fulfill General Education (GE) requirements; however, any student who may wish to transfer should complete as many GE courses as possible. Consult with your academic advisor.

Technical Standards: In addition to academic requirements, all applicants must also be able to meet the minimum Technical Standards for the program, with or without reasonable accommodation.

Academic Requirements:

Minimum Total Credit Hours = 125

Major Courses Required - 88 credit hours

Course No. Course Cr. Hrs.
ACCT 115 Financial Accounting
BUSI 310

Strategic Management

BUSI 343 Individual Behavior in Organization
GSTM 280 Professional Work Experience I (summer)
GSTM 300 Golf Course Planning and Design
GSTM 304 Managing Athletic Surfaces 3
GSTM 306 Human Resource Management
GSTM 310

Financial Planning & Budgeting

GSTM 380 Professional Work Experience II (summer)
GSTM 390 Golf Course and Sports Field Facilities Management 3
GSTM 400

Senior Seminar

GSTM 450

Athletic Field Facility Management Internship

HORT 100 Orientation to Horticultural Sciences 1
HORT 115 Landscape Construction Principles 
HORT 120 Introduction to Horticultural Practices 3
HORT 130  Plant Materials I 3
HORT 140

Drawing and Surveying

HORT 150  Grounds Equipment/Fleet Management 3
HORT 155 Sharpening and Grinding 3
HORT 160  Soil Sciences 3
HORT 180 Horticultural Sciences Internship (summer) 1
HORT 200 Turf Management 3
HORT 207 Horticultural Insects and Diseases 3
HORT 212  Horticultural Chemicals 1
HORT 220  Ornamental Tree and Shrub Maintenance 3
HORT 225  Water Management and Conservation 3
HORT 235  Weeds and Weed Control 3
HORT 250  Advanced Turf Management Practices  3
PEDH 220  First Aid: Responding to Emergencies 2

General Education/Liberal Arts Courses Required - 31 credit hours

Course No. Course Cr. Hrs.
BIOL 210 Botany
COMM 100 Public Speaking 3
COMM 310 Argumentation and Debate 3
ECON ___ Introductory Microeconomics or Introductory Macroeconomics
ENGL ___ Freshman Composition or Advanced Composition1 3
MATH ___ Mathematics2 3
  American History Elective from GE 4
  Elementary Spanish I or foreign language from GE9
  Humanities Elective from GE 7  OR Arts Elective from GE 8
  Western Civilization Elective from GE5 or Other World Civilizations elective from GE 6

Restricted Electives by Advisement - 6 credit hours (3 credits of which must be upper level)


1 English is by placement according to competency.

2 Mathematics is by placement according to competency.

Student Learning Outcomes

A graduate of the BBA degree program in Golf and Sports Turf Management should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate basic knowledge of Botany.
  2. Understand and apply basic principles and terminology used in the care, pruning, growth, propagation, growing media, soil amendments, and fertilization of plants.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in the proper identification, terminology, and use of: trees, shrubs, and ground covers used in various Northeast landscapes.
  4. Exhibit a working knowledge of basic surveying techniques, the proper use of transits and levels, and the necessary drafting and drawing skills to communicate the data collected.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of the diagnosis, repair, and operation of equipment used on home lawns and athletic fields.
  6. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of soil: its genesis, composition, classification, physical and chemical characteristics; and how to test, correct, and implement proper soil management practices on home lawns and athletic fields.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge of the construction principles and materials used for decks, fences, patios, walks, and retaining walls.
  8. Display a thorough practical understanding of the daily operations of lawn and athletic field maintenance.
  9. Properly identify, select, establish, and maintain major turf grasses used on home lawns and athletic fields.
  10. Properly identify and manage turf pests found on home lawns and athletic fields.
  11. Identify and control major weeds found on lawns, athletic fields, and in the surrounding landscape.
  12. Understand basic concepts in plant pathology and entomology as they relate to turf grass and ornamental plants.
  13. Describe, demonstrate, and apply the basic theories of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices used on lawns and athletic fields.
  14. Properly identify, select, calibrate, and safely apply pesticides used on lawns and athletic fields.
  15. Design, select, install, and maintain irrigation systems for lawns and athletic fields.
  16. Demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of athletic field design, construction, budgeting, and management.
  17. Properly select and maintain trees.
  18. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of personnel management, planning, and presentation techniques used on golf courses.
  19. Recognize and respond to emergencies by making appropriate decisions regarding first-aid care.
  20. Communicate effectively with all constituents, including employees, management, membership, the general public, and various governmental agencies.
  21. Exhibit knowledge of traditional management theory, leadership and management roles, organizational structure and change, service quality and function, decision making, and ethics.
  22. Understand and apply basic knowledge of golf course layout and equipment needs for proper golf course operations and maintenance.
  23. Exhibit knowledge of computer applications as it relates to inventory, budgets, and written communication.
  24. Develop and prepare budgets for the operation of the facility and capital improvements.
  25. Exhibit knowledge of organizing golf tournaments and other recreational activities as it relates to golf course operations.
  26. Develop creative strategies for effectively managing change and resolving conflicts while meeting the expectations of members, guests, employees, and various government agencies.