College Catalog Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Nursing - AAS/BSN Dual Degree Progression and Readmission Policies

Pre-licensure (a student who has not passed the NCLEX exam):

  • A student who withdraws or receives a grade less than a C+ in any required nursing course (NURS 101-255) will not progress to the next semester and must petition internally to the School of Nursing for readmission to the program.
  • A student who is unsuccessful (less than a C+) in two nursing courses (NURS 101-255) is not eligible for readmission.
  • A student will not be permitted to repeat a support course (Liberal Arts and Sciences and UNIV) more than once. The minimum grade required for support courses is a C.
  • Petition for re-entry must be submitted to the School of Nursing office by the deadline posted in the Vancko Hall Nursing Resource Site, and must include both the following:

1. An explanation as to specifically why the student failed or withdrew.
2. A detailed plan of academic readiness to reenter the nursing program. The plan must address, in detail, how the student plans to be successful if readmitted into the nursing program.

The petition, detailed explanation, and plan must be submitted together and will be reviewed for consideration by the faculty according to the timetable posted on the Vancko Hall Nursing Resource Site. The petition will not be considered without a detailed plan of academic readiness. If accepted, the plan becomes a contract that the student will follow throughout the remainder of the nursing program.

  • The applicant pool will be ranked according to selective readmission criteria: 1) seat availability, 2) GPA, 3) performance in support courses, 4) student's plan, and 5) faculty recommendation. Students are eligible for readmission one time only throughout the program.

Post-licensure (a student has passed the NCLEX exam):

  • To continue progression in the Dual Degree program post-licensure, students must maintain all the following:

1. A grade of C+ in all nursing courses (NURS), and
2. A grade of C in all allied health (ALHT) courses, and
3. A grade of C in all Liberal Arts and Science courses, including UNIV.

  • A student is unable to progress in the program if he or she is unsuccessful in:
    1. More than one allied health (ALHT) and/or nursing (NURS) course, or
    2. Passing an allied health or nursing course a second time; or
    3. More than one Liberal Arts and Sciences course, and
    4. Passing a Liberal Arts and Sciences course a second time.
    5. Passing UNIV 300 a second time
  • A student who is unsuccessful in more than one allied health, nursing, and/or LA&S course may petition to be readmitted to the program after one full semester of non-enrollment (two consecutive seven-week sessions). Readmission to the program will be at the discretion of the Dean, faculty, and advisor. Students are eligible for readmission one time only throughout the program, pre- and post-licensure.

Pre- and Post-licensure

  • Courses not passed are cumulative throughout the program.  If a student is unsuccessful in a course pre-licensure, and unsuccessful in a second course post-licensure (1 ALHT + 1 NURS, or 2 NURS, or 2 ALHT, or 2 LA&S) the student will not be eligible to progress in the program.
  • The Dual Degree Nursing program must be completed within 6 years.