College Catalog Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Recreation & Sports Facility Management - BBA

Minimum Requirements to be Considered for Admission


  • Regents Diploma
  • High school graduate with a 80 high school GPA or 2500 GED test score
  • 4 units of English with Regents score: 73
  • Algebra Regents: 73
  • Science Regents: 73 (biology recommended)
  • Social Science: 3 units

Transfer Student:

  • Transfer GPA: 2.3
  • See the Academic Policies section of the catalog for further transfer credit information.
  • After evaluating previous college course work a student may be advised that additional time may be needed to complete degree requirements. Special consideration will be given to those applicants who have extensive professional experience in the field.


SUNY Curriculum Code: 2533

SUNY General Education Requirements: Students who intend to receive AA, AS, or baccalaureate degrees must satisfy SUNY and campus General Education (GE) requirements to graduate. Students should be aware that GE requirements may vary by academic program. Consult with your academic advisor. For general information, see the "General Education" section of this catalog.

AAS and AOS degree students may not be required to fulfill General Education (GE) requirements; however, any student who may wish to transfer should complete as many GE courses as possible. Consult with your academic advisor.

Technical Standards: In addition to academic requirements, all applicants must also be able to meet the minimum Technical Standards for the program, with or without reasonable accommodation.

Academic Requirements:

Minimum Total Credit Hours = 123

Major Courses Required - 68 credit hours

Course No. Course Cr. Hrs
ACCT 115 Financial Accounting 3
AECT 280 Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems 3
BUSI 310 Strategic Management 3
BUSI 343 Individual Behavior in Organization OR  
BUSI 344 Organizational Theory 3
BUSI 405 Project Management 3
GSTM 306 Golf Course Facility Human Resource Management OR  
BUSI 337 Human Resources Management 3
GSTM 310 Budget and Planning 3
HORT 125 Landscape Graphics 3
PEDH 220 Responding to Emergencies 2
PGMB 210 Introduction to Turf Management 3
PRKM 100 Orientation to Recreation and Physical Education 1
PRKM 110 Introduction to Recreation and Physical Education 3
PRKM 130 Program Planning and Leadership 3
PRKM 200 Design and Development of Park and Recreation Facilities 3
PRKM 220 Park and Recreation Management 3
PRKM 230 Park and Recreation Internship I 3
PRKM 300 Recreation and Sports Facility Planning and Management 3
PRKM 305 Recreation and Sports Event Management 3
PRKM 330 Recreation for Special Populations 3
PRKM 400 Pre-Internship for Recreation and Sports Facility Management 1
PRKM 420 Internship for Recreation and Sports Facility Management 12


General Education/Liberal Arts Courses Required - 31 credit hours

Course No. Course Cr. Hrs.
BIOL ___ Biology Laboratory Science Elective 4
COMM 100 Public Speaking 3
COMM 3__ Organizational Communication OR Argumentation and Debate 3
ECON ___ Introductory Macroeconomics or Introductory Microeconomics 3
ENGL ___ Freshman Composition or Advanced Composition2 3
GOVT 300 Public Policy 3
MATH ___ Mathematics Elective 3
PSYC 100 Introductory Psychology I OR  
SOCI 100 Introductory Sociology 3
  American History Elective from GE 4 3
  General Education Elective from GE 6 or GE9 3

Restricted Electives by Advisement1 - 24 credit hours


1 Student must work closely with their academic advisor to choose specific courses that will meet this requirement. Courses will include 12 credits of lower-level courses, 6 credits of upper-level courses, a business elective and a computer elective, and will be chosen from a list of courses given to the student by the advisor.

2English is by placement according to competency.


A graduate of the Recreation and Sports Management BBA program should be able to:

  • Identify the major principles of recreation and sports facility operations field of study.
  • Analyze situations and apply appropriate managerial skills in the overall operation of recreation and sports facilities.
  • Demonstrate appropriate application of programming and managerial skills in the overall operation of recreation and sports events.